Case/Shiller housing index falls from January ‘2010 level, worse than expected. And the Consumer Confidence Index, which was expected to rise, fell, instead. Do these indexes mean anything? What am I, a philosopher?


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  1. Duh. Especially the consumer confidence index. Really, why should either of these figures come as any surprise?

    My husband, a professional analyst and business developer in computer research, knows more than a handful of colleagues in his industry who have masters and PhDs and a long successful work history who cannot find a job. They are barely surviving on piecemeal work, doing exactly what they used to do for a decent salary and benefits, now as contract labor for a song.

    The real surprise is that my husband landed a real job — with bennies and a salary — last November, a week before his 61st birthday. Friends and colleagues were amazed. Not because he wasn’t qualified but because they didn’t think jobs like that existed anymore.

  2. Anonymous

    Diplomas and age/seniority mean little in any meritocratic industry

    Some of wealthiest and smartest in SiliconValley are old college dropouts like 67yo Ellison (and the late Jobs) as well as younger Stanford Engineering PhDs (or at least dropouts of PhD pgm) like Bechtolsheim, Brin, Page, etc

    Funny how amidst the retirement age debates amongst the welfare queens, many of US’ wealthiest CEOs/entrepreneurs/engineers are non-obese workaholics who refuse to retire until forced by death, ala Jobs

  3. Let's get back to reality

    Anonymous 1:14,

    please stop

    your insular view on the tech sector is not welcome here on the east coast and in the real world

    i know several sillicon valley types who were “lucky” during the first dot-com boom – they are struggling to earn a living in this environment

    and they are Stanford CS types too