Well, dang

Credit Suisse to cut 109 jobs in NYC. That may not sound like much but there are a lot of CS employees in Greenwich and I count several as friends and/or clients. As the recession deepens, the banks are looking beyond the pay scale of back room analysts and secretaries and going after those who have been earning large salaries. Those would be the people you were counting on to buy your home.


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  1. Anonymous

    Where the heck is Inagua when we need someone to tell that all is well, the worst is behind us, the market is stable and that the other shoe is not going to drop?

  2. peeps

    As the recession waves roll gently into Greenwich, you may have more and more people out there clamming with you, not so much due to their increased leisure time, but actually in order to supplement their family’s food. You had you clamming article in a few days ago, and aside from my toe-raking technique, I’d like to add that a simple plunger also works very well. Have you ever tried clammin’ with a plunger?

  3. Al Dente


    Our glorious President says things are getting BETTER, not worse. Please stop paying attention to facts.

  4. Facts.

    Friends in NYC today tell me that cash flow is drying up as the bonuses are all tied into the future….both bankers and lawyers, this is also true for those who live in Greenwich so do not expect a recovery any time soon. Facts not fiction.

  5. Inagua

    “Where the heck is Inagua….”

    Busy reviewing the 11 deals reported last Friday:


  6. Peg

    Well; thank God we can all be more “equal” now. More equal; more poor.

    That oughta gladden the hearts of the $ Bills of the world!

  7. Catch a Falling Knife

    11 deals, of which only 2 are higher than the average home price in Greenwich, and most are dramatically below


    I don’t think anyone will feel sorry for the bankers, but their low bonuses (of which it sounds like a very small % is cash) are an ominous sign for the NY Metro economy and housing

  8. [Not] Walt

    Take note that Inagua DID NOT tell that all is well, the worst is behind us, the market is stable and that the other shoe is not going to drop

  9. Real Estate Junkie

    VOTE ROMNEY! It’s the only way out of this mess.

  10. Anonymous

    109 more added to the 14% unemployed (actual number). Based on the way the 2012 election is shaping up, it appears that Obama will be re-elected. He can then shed his false persona used to get re-elected and implement his real wealth redistribution agenda. After that we will be lucky to ever get below 10% unemployment.

  11. Rick Cooper

    According to ABC News, Romney ‘not concerned about the very poor

    Mitt Romney said this morning he’s not concerned about the plight of the very poor because there are social safety nets that take care of them.

    You hear that Wall Street types….., after the bubble bursts, Mitt doesn’t care about you when your flat on your keister.

    • What he actually said, Rick, was “I don’t care about the very poor-they have a safety net, and I’m not concerned about the very rich; they’re doing just fine. I am concerned about the 95% of Americans who are working hard and (struggling).”
      I’m not a huge Romney fan, but taken in context, his comment is unobjectionable. In fact, it’s far kinder than my own comment in One-L Contracts class when I was hissed – the worst one’s peers can do – when, in response to my professor’s question I replied, “who cares about the poor?” I do believe that, of all the hisses and boos I extracted from classmates during law school and college, I’m proudest of that one.