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A tale of two houses

138 Cat Rock

Last May, my clients bought 142 Cat Rock Road for $2.3 million, a considerable discount from the $4 million plus the seller paid for it in 2005 or so. Now the house right next to it, number 138, has come on for sale at $4.2 million (click on link to see both house listings). It’s a beautiful house; the owner is in the construction business himself and the care he lavished on its construction is obvious. I’ll be curious to see the affect of No. 142’s distressed price has on its neighbor. Will it drag its price down to that lower level or, best for my clients, raise 142’s? Just a little further down the street 195 Cat Rock has an accepted offer and got it pretty quickly (133 days) so I’m assuming that its sale price will be somewhere near its asking price of $3.7 million. If so, that bodes well for the owners of both 138 and 142, but I’m especially pleased if it turns out that my clients get the benefit of an increase in value for their purchase – they were, after all, just looking for a nice house to live in.


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Price announced on 30 Club Road

30 Club Rd

Asked $6.8 million, sold, quickly, for $6.453, closed yesterday. Lest you think all is peaches and cream out there, a fistful of new foreclosures have been started and recorded in Town Hall this week, including one on Perkins Road, $7 million debt, $3 million? house, Aiken, and Lake Avenue. Those are just the multi-million dollar homes in trouble – they have plenty of company, both in that category and all the way down. 2012 will be the year of the short sale, says I.


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Attention, Cos Cob Realtors!

Come summer, use the bed for a pool!

Ford Ranger with plow available in Cos Cob. $2,700 o/b/o.  You gotta figure the odds of it snowing are better than your selling a house, right? Due to town ordinances governing permitted occupations we realtors in Riverside don’t have this option and instead are scheduling tag sales to unload our martini glasses and Top Siders. You guys are so much more fortunate.


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Of all the gin joints in all the world

Valentine's Day present for Monica?

You’d think that with most of his Round Hill Road neighbors having vacated their houses while they rest in various federal prisons around this great country of ours, Walter Noel would pick an empty home to pick up a little cash for his creditors but no, he hits one with the owner still in place. Dummy. Police interrupt (or more likely, come late to the game for) burglary at 428 Round Hill Road.


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