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Former P&Z member Laura Siefert wants her friends’ help

If I said it, I didn't mean it

Riverside resident Laura Siefert is back again before her former colleagues to ask permission to carve up a swamp in Riverside and allow her to cram three houses in where there is now one. I don’t suppose membership on P&Z should bar you forever from despoiling a neighborhood you’re planning to vacate, but shouldn’t everyone on the Commission recuse themselves? Anyone who ever suffered from this lady’s antipathy towards building, any building at all, and that would include anyone who appeared before the P&Z during the past twenty years, should show up, armed with tomatoes.

The owner of a lot at 34 Crescent Road is also due to appear tomorrow night, seeking to divide a 30,000 sq. ft. lot into two. I don’t know the particulars but if builders weren’t so short sighted they’d realize that there’s more money building one house on a largish lot in crowded Riverside than there is shoehorning in two. But greed rarely allows room for vision.

UPDATE: Reader Dogwalker has corrected my math on this and I’m wrong – the most profitable use is two houses on postage stamp yards because, as Dogwalker pints out, buyers from NYC don’t really care, for the most part, that they’ll be living cheek-by-jowl with their neighbors. Gentlemen, start your engines.


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Off to nutrition class

Florida legislator introduces bill to bar food stamp users from buying sweets and requiring them to take classes on nutrition. “Poor folk are just too stupid and ignorant to know what to eat”, seems to be her argument and, with the exception of the term “poor folk”,, how is this different from what’s going on around our country to all of us?

We’ve seen bans on McDonald’s, trans-fats, junk food, soda, cigarettes, mandatory helmet laws for skiers, bicyclists, motorcyclists, seat belt laws, etc. etc., all justified by a theory that, because we live here, we owe an obligation to our fellow citizens not to die prematurely and thus increase health care costs. Of course, if all these laws were effective (they aren’t) that would just mean that we’ll all live long enough to drain Social Security and develop Alzheimer’s, which will send health care costs to the moon.

But, just as dictates as to what light bulbs we use, cars we drive and how to dispose of our garbage, these are all about control, not actual efficacy.


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And they all work for the State of Connecticut Department of Welfare

state employees on fact finding trip to Uncasville

Food stamp fraud costing $750 million per year. That’s just the obnoxiously visible stuff.


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Jordan Saper strikes again

Fake clouds optional, as are the fake fires in the fireplaces

He’s sold his new construction at 38 Langhorne Lane for $6.450 million. He was asking $7.350 million but this is still a big sale with, I would guess, plenty of profit in it. The man clearly has his pulse on the new buyer market because his houses (and it’s really just one house, stamped out all over town) sell quickly, for excellent prices and then resell to new buyers. As I’ve noted here before, this is not a design I appreciate but Saper isn’t building for me, a jerk-off real estate agent who couldn’t possibly afford one of his creations, he’s building to a specific target, and he’s nailed it.


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Off to show houses.

Not in the $13 million range, thank goodness – I’d like to sell something. More later.


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Uh huh

Two more expired listings have come back on today, both priced at or above $13 million. With 75 listings in the $13 and up set and six selling each year, that’s about 15 1/2 years before these all sell off. And that’s assuming no more come on before 1228. Are these people deluded or blinded by ego? I’d guess both.

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It’s not the agent, you moron

HO scale

The builder of some construction at 42 Bote Road (off Stanwich, barely across the Cos Cob border) couldn’t sell his house for $3.950 despite his refusing to budge on its asking price. So he’s fired his old agent and hired a new one but kept the price unchanged. This despite the fact that no new construction on Bote or its adjoining street, Towney, has ever sold for anything close to what this one wants. Bote’s highest: $2.8 millionm, in 2006,Tomney, $3.1 million, also in 2006. Hope may spring eternal, but not in this market.


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