But does she have a beach pass to Tod’s?

Happier days with the Sinowoys

Reader Magio writes:

Speaking of Weasels, I believe Ruth Madoff is hiding out at her son’s home on Tomac and Kernan Place in Old Greenwich.  I spotted a black Honda civic with Florida plates – this house has been empty for years and only recently did I notice someone living there.

UPDATE: Yup, she’s here. Check the readers’ comments – too many people who live in Old Greenwich have spotted her for this not to be true. Although I doubt she looks as she did in the photo above. forty years and recent ah, stress have aged her a bit.


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13 responses to “But does she have a beach pass to Tod’s?

  1. Real Estate Junkie

    That’s sort of interesting. I could have sworn I saw her the other day out side the Beach Cafe – but then thought, “Nah….couldn’t be.”

  2. Anonymous

    Truly don’t get that (or any of them). Wouldn’t you want to move somewhere far away? Turkey? Mauritius? Iowa? Spain? Wherever, but somewhere where you aren’t quite as visible and infamous.

  3. Anonymous

    And I swear I thought I saw her at the Cos Cobber when they opened a few months back…

  4. Inagua

    So the two biggest incidental beneficies of the Madoff Ponzi are both living in Greenwich, albeit very differently. The top salesman Walt still has all his money and his luxurious life, while the Ponzi wife has lost substantially all her money and lives quietly in one her son’s houses. Doesn’t seem quite fair — if the law took Ruth’s Ponzi money, why didn’t the law also take Walt’s Ponzi money? Is being married to the crook so much worse than being the crook’s top salesman?

    • I’m hopeful that the result will be the same, Inagua, it’s just that the civil process takes so much longer. Of course, the way Walt and his fillies are spending the loot, there may be noting to strip from them by the time our judicial system nails them.

  5. AJ

    Since you’re down at Tod’s again, I’d like to bring up the subject of clam diggers: something this guy has never heard of:

  6. AJ

    Hate to say it guys, but I don’t miss the beach cause 15 minutes on back roads from here is awesome skiing– seasons pass 99 bucks. On weekdays it’s easy to get first tracks in new fallen snow and go back and get second tracks so you can admire the zen brush strokes of your first run. Usually you can ski, albeit patches, of untracked snow for about two hours into the morning; after that you can shred untracked powder covered bumps for another couple of hours, before the general public feels it’s safe to venture in. I’ve had many 100 plus ski day seasons, but due to frozen shoulder, no skiing this year. Here’s some video of the mountain, no idea who these guys are; I think next year I’ll pick up a GoPro camera and make my own videos next season. Spring Skiing @ Camp Fortune:

    The GoPro HD camera site:

  7. Greenwich Gal

    I just saw Ruth Madoff walking the point today! My friend told me she had just moved in down the road from her. Amazing – most people in the world can’t even begin to afford Greenwich and here she is, an accessory to one of the most notorious financial crimes in history.

  8. Lone Star Gal

    Yes, she is living on Tomac Avenue in OG. She’s my new neighbor and I see her all of the time. She’s been living there for months. I see her shopping, walking at the point, going to restaurants. I wonder what the victims of her husband’s disgusting ponzi scheme would feel about her living in Old Greenwich, CT in a house her son bought with Daddy’s stolen money? Andrew Madoff should be forced to sell the house, kick Ruth out and give the proceeds to the victims.

  9. AJ

    Lone Star, don’t forget that shooting rattlesnakes in OG is considered to be bad form.

  10. Maggio59

    Great suggestion Lone Star!

  11. Real Estate Junkie

    So it WAS her I saw outside Beach Cafe. I’m not sure what to think of that. Do you think she and Walt meet for lunches? Maybe she’ll be invited to attend Mother’s Day brunch with the Noels at RHC? It’s the least they can do, seeing as how her husband made them all rich beyond.