Jesus hates you, this I know, ’cause the Bible tells me so

Your teachers are out grubbing for food, but they'll be back, I think.

State Representative Nebuchadnezzar (well actually, Shadrach, but same story) McGill insists that the Bible forbids doubling teachers’ salaries because then the profession won’t attract those “with a calling” to teach. I’m all for that, of course, but wouldn’t eliminating their pay entirely produce even more beneficial results?

Mr. McGill, by the way, supports raising legislators’ own pay 67% because that will make them less susceptible to bribery.


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2 responses to “Jesus hates you, this I know, ’cause the Bible tells me so

  1. dogwalker

    Wonder what percentage of Dekalb County, Alabama, students graduate college. Wonder whether Dekalb County is one of those areas of the country that still has “public” schools and “christian” schools (It’s fundamentally a color thing, not a religious thing, in case anybody might not know.). Wonder how low the salary is now that anybody could propose doubling it.

  2. AJ

    Jesus Loves Me as performed by Midnight the Cat: