Jordan Saper strikes again

Fake clouds optional, as are the fake fires in the fireplaces

He’s sold his new construction at 38 Langhorne Lane for $6.450 million. He was asking $7.350 million but this is still a big sale with, I would guess, plenty of profit in it. The man clearly has his pulse on the new buyer market because his houses (and it’s really just one house, stamped out all over town) sell quickly, for excellent prices and then resell to new buyers. As I’ve noted here before, this is not a design I appreciate but Saper isn’t building for me, a jerk-off real estate agent who couldn’t possibly afford one of his creations, he’s building to a specific target, and he’s nailed it.


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6 responses to “Jordan Saper strikes again

  1. Anonymous

    FYI, a much larger sale will be reported within the next day or so — the most expensive listing in OG.

  2. CosHarbour

    Poseur haus.
    An instant arriviste abode.
    Yet, easy in, and likely an easy out,
    Could be fun for children and lots of pets.
    For what that is worth.

  3. actually, the clouds are real…

  4. AJ

    Looks like a version of the Tod’s Beach House, Bath Lockers, Beach Cottage or whatever that building by the first concession is called. Which is probably why his design/concept is so popular. To bad they tore down the Tod’s mansion: I used to like driving under the part that extended out over the lake. Can’t find any photos of that on the web; if anybody’s got some they’d be fun to see. As to whether or not the design is cheesey, from a builders point of view, why mess with success?

  5. Fred2

    Not my speed of design either.

    However, in the builders defense I will note that at least from the picture, the outside does not offend me.

    It’s not weird, the proportions (from the outside,the inside is a mystery to me) are not ugly, there are some nice details. Give it 30 years to settle into it’s landscape and age and it’ll be fine.

    There are enough REALLY UGLY buildings in the world, some of them very expensive houses in Greenwich, and this fails to get into that group so I’ll refrain from criticism.