Question asked, question answered

Why has the collapse of communism had so little  [I’d say no – Ed] affect on political discussion?

[I]n our everyday politics, we still seem to be unable to make up our minds about the moral superiority of the free market. We are still ambivalent about the value of competition, which remains a dirty word when applied, for example, to health care. We continue to long for some utopian formula that will rule out the possibility of inequalities of wealth, or even of social advantages such as intelligence and personal confidence.

The idea that no system – not even a totalitarian one – could ensure such a total eradication of “unfairness” without eliminating the distinguishing traits of individual human beings was one of the lessons learnt by the Soviet experiment. The attempt to abolish unfairness based on class was replaced by corruption and a new hierarchy based on party status. If the European intellectual elite had not been so compromised by its own broad acceptance of collectivist beliefs, maybe we would have had a genuine, far-reaching re-appraisal of the entire ideological framework.

I think a very partial answer to the question Ms. Daley poses is that leftism has never been based on idealism. It has always been based, for the most part, on hate and envy. [emphasis added] So when Communism was conclusively proved to be a failure, leftists (including not only leftists in politics, but more important, leftists in the media and in academia) didn’t change their minds or admit their mistake. For in their eyes, while there may have been disappointment, there was no mistake. Their resentments and hatreds remained. They merely sought other vehicles, other terminologies, other tactics to bring down the West and the free enterprise system and democratic institutions that define it. Yesterday’s socialists are today’s progressives. They barely missed a beat.


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  1. FF

    That’s some funny stuff. When did you go to comedy? I love all that libruls are haters, conservatives must be lovers then…..Awesome hippie values!

  2. HG

    This is such a great point. Proponents of free markets have a 70 year example to support their case but the Left disavows communism as an example because it was extreme and came with totalitarianism. The Left refuses to believe that several fair tries at socialism / communism have been tried with catastrophic (Soviet Union), very bad (socialist Western Europe) and problematic (New Deal) outcomes. They also refuse to believe that socialism leads to tyranny and put their entire faith in democracy–the tyranny of the majority. Any sixth grade social studies textbook in America will tell you that the genius of the founding fathers was not democracy but democracy AND limited government.

  3. Inagua

    “And shortly after the collapse of the former Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain, virtually the entire phalanx of the far left of both western and eastern Europe, including Mr. Gorbachev, marched right into the environmental (Green) movement. Either they suddenly discovered their deep affection for butterflies and polar bears, or they correctly saw the environmental movement as the surest method to increase the centralization of state power in the west.”

    — Denis Keohane

  4. Anonymous

    FF – Not much substance in your rebuttal. Is that the best you can do? Call someone else’s point of view “comedy”?

  5. AJ

    Six million people are under correctional supervision in the U.S.—more than were in Stalin’s gulags. Source:

    Simple question; simple answer: The perpetrator of a crime does not discuss the details of that crime with the potential victims of the crime.

    The Green Movement and Privately Held Central Banking will lead us into a brave new world where there are to layers to society: a lower layer where those known as the general populace lives in a shared world of scarcity (communism) while paying tribute (most of their money) to an upper layer of corporate overlords (fascism). This is not open for discussion: you’re just supposed to wake up one morning and realize you’re f**ked, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    What happened to my Bill Maher comment? Didn’t you like my opinion of his opinion (that he’s basically just a smug piece of crap mouthpiece for the NWO spouting the party line — dogma delivered as humor)?

  6. AJ

    If you’re looking for “other vehicles, other terminologies, other tactics to bring down the West…”, try this one on for size: “[B]illionaires including Bill Gates, are lobbying governments and international bodies to back experiments into manipulating the climate on a global scale to avoid catastrophic climate change.

    The scientists, who advocate geoengineering methods such as spraying millions of tonnes of reflective particles of sulphur dioxide 30 miles above earth, argue that a “plan B” for climate change will be needed if the UN and politicians cannot agree to making the necessary cuts in greenhouse gases, and say the US government and others should pay for a major programme of international research.” Source:

    Bill Gates gets an idea (based on bullsh*t science) and he wants you to pay for it. My hero. Why doesn’t he spray a few tons of sulphur dioxide into his own house and sit there and reflect on that.