Sh*t, looks like Diana Ross blackballed the guy from the Belle Haven Club

38 Bush Avenue

Irishman Sean Dunne, known as “The Bane of Balls Bridge” back when he was diggin’ potatoes in the Old Country and the guy who pissed off half of Belle Haven for “not being our kind” has put his house at 38 Bush Avenue up for sale without ever moving in. Asking $6.395 million, which seems an optomistic price, given the roar of the Interstate across the street. But perhaps those photoshopped clouds block the noise or maybe this was a price dictated by Dunne’s creditors. Or the man may just enjoy sitting on overpriced houses, like his project on Bote Road.

For all of that, the house itself looks okay to my eye, and I wonder what all the fuss was about. It could have been inspired, I suppose, by his reportedly aggressive personality, not that that would set him apart from anyone else in Belle Haven. In fact, I would think he was exactly “their kind”.



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11 responses to “Sh*t, looks like Diana Ross blackballed the guy from the Belle Haven Club

  1. Whassup

    1. Its the “Baron of Ballsbridge”
    2. Everything is in the name of the baroness or trust – creditors not involved.
    3. I dont know what pics you’re looking at but those rooms make it look like a warehouse.

    Word of caution to listing realtors:
    When showing this property make sure of the direction of the wind that day.
    That mistake cost me $100k about 5 years ago. The wind was coming from the ’95. The buyers were doing an inspection and the noise was unreal. Deal Killer.

    Priced to linger.

  2. I liked “Bane of Balls Bridge” better, so I changed it. You got a problem with that, you old Mick?

  3. Anonymous

    The house is absolutely terrible terrible terrible!!!! Lucky if it sells with a 4 in the price! Some low class wantabe with no taste will buy it and then of course get right into the club!! Probably with Diana Ross’s blessing

  4. Whassup

    Das what i suspected.. you ol fart!
    Have a little more respect for the Irish gentry, you huguenot prod!
    Don’t make me come over there and jump up and down on that ticker of yours….

  5. gonzo

    As a Belle Haven resident and club member the talk was this guy broke many of the basic rules of the association which are mostly common sense. His out of town contractor worked on weekends and did not clean up properly and likely broke town building rules (why the project was abruptly shut down for months). On top of it all – Mr. Dunne had a ‘fuck you all’ attitude. He also didn’t pay the rent on the house he rented besides leaving it a total mess. Good riddance. And FYI the house if it goes for over $4 they overpaid. He bought the lot for $2 and NO way he put more than $2m into it. It’s a $3.5 house that needs some further work like landscaping and probably a good inspection of what his crappy contractor cut costs with

  6. Anonymous

    This is basically the same house that’s for sale on Bote Road!!! It’s the same owner. This one has two bedrooms on the third floor other than that, same house.

  7. Chimney

    If he lives in Belle Haven, he can now automatically join the club, thanks to a Mr. Goichman, who sued the club for discrimination a few years ago. The Belle Haven Club decided they did not want to get into an expensive legal battle and folded. As they say, “There goes the neighborhood.”

  8. Goichman

    The Belle Haven suit was basically that since the homeowners association subsidizes the club, any homeowner has a right to join.

  9. Anonymous

    @Anonymous 6:59, you’re absolutely right! It’ practically a clone of Bote Rd. No wonder I felt a sense of deja vu when looking at the photos!

    Chris, are you able to link to the previous listing for Bote? I was able to pull some of the previous photos from Google images but I wasn’t able to find them on any of the other RE sites.

  10. anon

    @ gonzo,

    I am not a builder, but it is pretty obvious the house cost more than 2mm to build

  11. The Ballsbridge Echo.

    If Bote Road was for sale in 2010 and fi Dune viewed it in 2010 then of course it is a copy. You don’t think Dunne would hire an Architect and him a Surveyor.