Laura Siefert has her way with the P&Z

Fleeing town in disguise

Wins approval for three houses in Riverside. If she’s entitled to do it then there’s nothing theoretically wrong with this result but as noted here before, Siefert spent years on the P&Z herself, making life miserable for all applicants and it’s a shame she was waved on through by her former colleagues. Eats, shoots and leaves, as they say. Bitch.


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15 responses to “Laura Siefert has her way with the P&Z

  1. Anonymous

    How nice for her! Unbelievable!

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    This is an absolute disgrace, and anyone who supported this should be forced to resign from the P&Z. They are obviously spineless little weasels with no moral character or sense of honor. It shows politicians and appointees – from top to bottom are corrupt. Insider trading is illegal for me and you, but not for congress. WTF is that all about. They are above the laws they pass. They should be held to a HIGHER STANDARD not a lower one than the folks they are paid to represent.
    And what is this all about? We spent $1.6 BILLION last year to give free cell phones to the “poor”.
    Why does ANYONE need a cell phone? How does any sane person support this? We have to stop this crap or we really are doomed as a country.
    Anyhows, brunch this weekend? My treat!! I cleaned up on the Giants. You loser.
    Your Pal,

  3. AJ

    I think the AG should take a look at that one.

  4. Greenwich Old Timer

    Theoretically my husband and I could probably set up the same sort of subdivision (especially after this as a legal precedent), but would never do that to our nice neighbors of many years. HER neighbors must be horrified. Greenwich Old Timer

  5. AJ

    I just read Walt’s link; all I can say is unf**king believable. What’s next free cable, free cars. Why work for a living when you can just suck on the government teat; paid for by you know who. Not only do they stick their hands in your pocket and steal from you now, but they rob your future through inflation caused by government spending as you watch your savings become worthless, where ten years out your money will only purchase half of what it does now.

  6. Each house will only have a 26k sq ft lot. Can you pass Grey Poupon?

  7. OG17

    It s amazing how supporters of FAR and our current draconian zoning laws always want to control what other people do but when it comes time to make a buck their principles disappear. The application for 3 houses should have been turned down just based on hypocrisy alone…

  8. Anonymous

    karma is a boomerang!

  9. What sayeth FF on this subject?

  10. Real Estate Junkie

    Is anyone surprised? I mean, really? Vote. That’s all I can say. And please get your friends to vote too. We HAVE to get Obummer out of office.

  11. park teets

    thats not a disguise

  12. Hu Nhu?

    Greenwich corruption used to be much more subtle in the good old days.
    Today’s public servants can’t be bothered to hide their F. U. attitude toward
    the citizen.

  13. Hello

    I never liked that family….my instinct was correct….

  14. glowworm

    Funny how one member of p&z worked hard against a 3 way subdivision in her backyard, but for a friend? no problem!

  15. FF

    Mrs. Siefert preceded me on the Commission, so I never had much to do with her from that standpoint. I did, however, know her prodigious impact on the zoning code, where her supposed distaste for development watered down or killed a lot of good opportunities, including bonuses for affordable housing and accessory units as well as a general bent against overbuilding. Being an ex-Commissioner doesn’t require you to abdicate your rights in perpetuity. But, this (very legal) subdivision is the kind that only an intricate knowledge of the code and its application would have had conceived. So, if her legend of being very tough on applicants is true, its ironic how she exited Greenwich