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If you can’t sell it, rent it

33 Club Road has rented for $19,500. That’s a bunch of money.


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If you’ve doubted that the world is ending:

Puerto Rico plans to slaughter iguanas and sell the meat in the (real) United States

With Auschwitz closed and that source of prostitutes eliminated, Germans turn to animal brothels where bestiality has become “a lifestyle choice”.

Midwestern pig farms are exploding, creating sausage – making opportunities.

Kim Jung Un is no longer un-dead. In fact, he’s cooling off in Peking as we write.

Greenwich real estate had yet another dismal week, but maybe that no longer matters. Pass the iguana.


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Show…hoaw ya doin’?

Indians sue liquor companies for keeping them drunk. Alcoholism on the reservations is a terrible, tragic problem, but I don’t think suing the booze manufacturers addresses the problem. But if it eliminates just one incoherent call center operator from ruining my day ….


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It’s getting lonely at the ball for Dollar Bill

No rapture for you, you heathen!

Mid-western states choosing economic recovery over anti-fracking wackos. DB and his crowd are being left behind.


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Don’t ask me

18 Edson Lane, off Round Hill, was recently reported to the MLS as selling for $5.850 million. Today in the paper it’s shown as selling for $5.250. Which was it? My hunch is that the broker got it right and the paper’s reporter misread an “8” for a “2”. It wouldn’t be the first time that kind of error has occurred. The Greenwich Time doesn’t assign its most experienced reporters to the task of reading the Town Hall’s “Day Book”.


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Obama’s justice Department: Mosque cafeterias must serve pork

Who knew Spam was so delicious!?

” I spoke with the Pope and I got religion. So if those muslims receive state or federal subsidies: property tax exemptions, grants, or police and fire protection then they are creatures of the state, they belong to us and they’ll do what we say, dammit. And I say, ‘pork – it’s what’s for dinner’ “.


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Who do they think is buying this?

On her way to the bank

A condo at 23 Orchard Street Place ( a decent street near Bruce Park but also near I-95, which detracts from the otherwise – bucolic atmosphere of the area) has returned once again to the MLS. I’m sure the unit is a fine one, but check its history; built in 2006 and priced at $1.745 million at the height of the craziness, it failed to sell until 2008, when the builder sold direct to the present owners for $1.4. They may or may not have added some geegaws during their ownership – the listing doesn’t mention any, yet now they want $1.495 million. Say what you like about where the Greenwich real estate market is headed – stabilizing, continuing to plummet like a rock or even poised to soar, it is a fact that so far, prices have not increased since 2008. Some sellers seem to think that they have and price accordingly. They’re doomed to disappointment because buyers aren’t buying into their delusion or their houses.

(In fairness, asking a tad above what they paid for it is not total insanity and does indicate some idea that the market isn’t what it was, but if you bought in 2008 you should be looking at a price well below what you paid, and not a break even bailout – ain’t going to happen)


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I’m tired of the warm feeling of being right, I want a sale

55 Hillside Road sold yesterday at $2.755 million on an asking price of $2.850, 23 DOM. The sellers paid $3 million in 2005 and spent some real money on renovations so this seems a fair price. In fact, I said as much when it first came on  (December 5th) and repeated that December 18 and December 29, when it went to contract. and recommended it to several of my clients. One couple just weren’t comfortable stretching that far, another did a drive by and rejected it and the third rejected it bout of hand, sight unseen. I’m a strong proponent of not stretching beyond one’s means to buy a house because these days, there’s no easy way to bail out if you miscalculated or your job falls through or – although this would never happen – your bonus fades to nothing. Using a drive-by technique to select or reject a house, or simply looking at an emailed-listing sometimes cause you to miss a good buy. But hey, you do what you want.

UPDATE: I stand corrected on the merits of drive-bys and even Internet look-sees. See comment from EOS.


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