Dead men walking

She's also a member of the NEA and teaching your kid

Well voting, anyway. Two million or so.  Who knew there were that many Democrat zombies?


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4 responses to “Dead men walking

  1. Peg

    I knew.

    Oh; you are talking about the DEAD ones, I suppose…….

  2. do not give Malloy any more ideas!

    Most Democrats are already brain dead. Our state is also 6 feet under already.

  3. anna

    Totally love Democrats. It’s like walking on broken glass at this site!

  4. Balzac

    Although the voter rolls in many places are a disorganized mess, any attempt by Republicans to create proper standards are described by silly Democrats as racist voter-suppression. Doesn’t this bring to mind Hillary’s campaign (2000? 2004?) to ensure that our nation’s incarcerated can vote more easily (gee, who would they vote for?) while objecting to the absentee ballots from our military out of the country while serving our nation (same question). The Dems promote the votes of felons over soldiers: example # 2,654,852 showing why the world as they imagine it would be a catastrophe.