I have the best readers in the world

Kat Fountain busking

Kat’s string band picked up over $1,000 from readers of this blog alone in their quest for a new used van. She still isn’t impressed by her old man but you guys bowled her over.

Thank you, from her and of course from me.

Water taxi, but not yet a van


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4 responses to “I have the best readers in the world

  1. Chris, you need to run this thread once a week for the next few weeks. There are people away now because of school vacay. If we can raise $1000 in one 24/hour span, do that five more times and the band is home free.
    PS: typo when you put up her website on your blogroll. Brow instead of Brown.

  2. Whassup

    I’m in….

  3. Greenwich Gal

    Perhaps a free concert is in order?