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Cell tower location

Valley Road residents oppose cell tower. Just once it would be interesting to read a news article, “residents welcome development” but that is never going to happen in my lifetime (unless that proposal for a minimum security prison on Round Hill Road gets traction – the locals might welcome the convenience). Here’s the part I enjoy:

“I think this is a really lousy proposal,” River Road resident Peter Moss said. “In fact I would call it abusive to the neighbors who live so close to it, abusive to the public because it adds an ugly projection to a lovely view of a pond many people appreciate and most of all abusive to every concept we have of watershed protection and water supply protection.”

The "Pond"

I’ve posted two pictures of “this lovely view of a pond ” so readers can decide for themselves what exactly Mr. Moss is imbibing (he might be a prison guard still recovering from the Super Bowl sick day). Although he might think that view would be ruined by a cell tower, no one else will.

While it is true that up in this stretch of Cos Cob residents just yell to each other from their front stoops, those of us roaring past in our Mercedes are annoyed by the lack of cellphone reception and under Dollar Bill’s theory of sacrifice for the greater good, I say the tower should go up. For that matter, maybe the town should open up that filter plant “pond” to swimming and we can drop the idea of building a new pool in Byram.


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9 responses to “Bottom story of the day

  1. Pound Ridge has been fighting a cell tower since there have been cell phones. No matter the location the phone companies suggest, the residents/neighbors say no, hence, drive into PR and your phone has ZERO service. With more and more people opting out of a land line, police say not having cell service is frightening to the residents who have an emergency (although I do think even without any bars of cell service, one can call 911).

    The only solution is making the towers visually appealing. Californian’s got it right.

  2. What about drinking that water?

  3. jobwhore

    These are they same numbnutz that call their cell company in a rage over lousy reception. They really should stop posting their comments in the paper.

  4. EOS you can call 911 from any cell phone even without an active account, but it has to be able to connect to a cell tower. There’s no way for the call to go through without a cell tower in range of the phone.

  5. Cos Cobber

    Why arent we addressing the question this way; why are 50 households exempt from the radio wave wash that 80% of the town is already drenched in?

    I mean, if this is so dangerous, why arent we taking down all the mini towers on the buildings along rte 1 and I-95.

    Again, there are several of these same mini cell units adorning building adjacent to the Mobil station on US 1 in riverside, several towers atop of the power lines in cos cob at the train station, several at the office building at the greenwich train station, at the fire station in glenville, a tower near byram beach park, several throughout other locations equally or more populous as this little location at the water plant in upper cos cob.

    If this tower fails, we need to consider taking all the towers down immediately.

  6. AJ

    Is that purple house still across the street from the “pond”?

  7. Anonymous

    There are much worse eye sores around here than cell towers. I can’t believe there is barely any service by the hospital or Rt 1!

  8. Richard: thanks for wording the answer so nicely to not make me look as stupid as the question. Doink. 🙂