Do what you like, but I’m telling you ….

25 Woodside, a perfectly nice Milbrook home for those of you who like Milbrook, has dropped its price again and is now asking $3.295 million, just 66% of its 2007 price of $4.995 million. I don’t know whether that’s the price that will finally move this place, although it seems more in line with recent sales, but I just can’t understand why sellers are so excruciatingly slow to accept reality.

If you don’t want to sell then by all means don’t do it – it’s a lousy time to do so anyway unless you’re also planning on buying something else, in which case you can make up on one end what you’re losing on the other. Or, if you have a dream price in mind and just want to test the waters, go ahead with a three-month listing. If nothing happens, let the listing expire and go back to your golf game. But why, oh why, would you drag out the selling process for years, in a falling market, keeping your house always ready to show, disrupting your schedule and getting no results? Beats me.


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19 responses to “Do what you like, but I’m telling you ….

  1. AJ

    It sort of looks like the Millbrook Country Club. Which way to the bar?

  2. anon

    hello 1972, your interior decor is calling.

    there’s such a dichotomy between the exterior and interior. seeing the tudor style, I expected nice moldings, pretty windows. Looks like all the 1927 got sucked out of that house when it got “renovated”. What a crying shame. The wood paneled rooms with the modern windows. Yowsa. That’s a tough sell.

  3. AJ

    Sort of like Forest Hills, but at least you don’t have to drive out on Flatbush Avenue to get there, just the Post Road.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks Anon, your first sentence made me laugh out loud. You would think all the homes in Greenwich would have updated decor but you’d be surprised how many are stuck in a time capsule.

  5. Anonymous

    This is a stunning home; just a shame that so many people anonomous posters are so envious that they need to criticize it.

  6. anon

    anonymous @4:51: i think because this house is updated is what bothers me. the exterior, so classic and pretty a tudor, that still survives today, should have an interior that matches. i think the owners made a grave mistake in taking the core of the house out. curtains and wallpaper are an easy fix but not so much changing out windows and redoing that 1991 addition. this house would have done better, in my opinion, still stuck in a time capsule.

  7. AJ

    You’re right Anonymous @ 4:52, it is a stunning home on a stunningly beautiful piece of property; it’s also stunningly appalling just what they’ve done to the interior. Unfortunately anyone who loves the outside is almost sure to hate the inside and is going to have to spend a hell of a lot money to make the two coincide. BTW you don’t have to be able to afford either to know whether you prefer an Aston Martin over a Ferrari; you don’t have to be a filmmaker to know whether a movie sucks, and what they did to the inside of that house is a travesty whether it’s in your price range or not.

  8. Anonymous

    AJ – be careful of the green-eyed monster……..

  9. AJ

    6:01, you sound like somone with a vested interest. If that’s the case, you might want to think about developing some responses to objections other than well, you must be a jerk. But then that’s what a good agent is supposed to do — oh, they’re so hard to find.

  10. Thurston Howell III

    The interior of this “stunning” house is hideous!

  11. john n sprague was big in 1990

    neco southeast and singer credit lost a great guy. former yale guy – family now selling house. was a classic redo in its time.

  12. Looking in Riverside

    This house is creepy on the outside and dated in the inside and sits on a mosquito infested swamp. Julian Curtis schools don’t help either. PASS.

  13. Cos Cobber

    Yikes, my piece of crap house in the Cob has better interiors. Sorry to be harsh, but when a house is this grossly mismatched between price and product, you find yourself in the crosshairs.

    Love the tudor exterior and the landscaping, need a big discount to fix the interior.

  14. burningmadolf

    Always felt damp down there, year round.

  15. AJ

    Are Tudor City (east end of 42nd St., NYC), Forest Hills, and Millbrook cosmically interconnected? I say, Henry VIII must have slept here.

  16. AJ

    Sheriff Arpiao just luvs the pink room!

  17. AJ

    That knotty pine hunting lodge room is just perfect for all my big game moose and deer head trophies, but a little too colonial for my zebra throw rug!

  18. Another Reader

    Hey “john” at 9:31 p.m. on Feb 16, What are you talking about? The Spragues moved out 27 years ago.