Even Photoshop can’t cure a lousy price

Time to call it a day?

22 Dawn Harbor, on the market since the beginning of the world (almost a year, anyway) seems to have added some imaginary furniture and curtains to its online listing. I suppose that’s nice for shoppers to see because the house itself is rather cold and empty – the owner returned to Japan long ago, leaving nothing behind but a few fuzzy dust bunnies in the corners, but I don’t think it will do anything to sell the house, and here’s why: the price sucks.

The owner paid $3.4 million for this place in March 2007 and did nothing to improve it that I’m aware of. Yet when it was put back up for sale last year, four years after the market crashed, his relocation company priced it at … $3.4 million (!) Perhaps it’s a Japanese relocation company and the bad news hasn’t made it across the Pacific yet but you’d think its failure to sell would ring some sort of alarm over there and perhaps produce a price reduction. It has not, unless you consider a drop to $3.299 a reduction – I call it a rounding error.

Dawn Harbor is one of Riverside’s better streets and this house has a very nice back yard, a combination that should help it overcome its master bedroom on the ground floor (a killer for families with young children) and a deficient, dated kitchen But nothing will help if the seller insists on believing that 2007 prices still prevail. Not even imaginary curtains.


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7 responses to “Even Photoshop can’t cure a lousy price

  1. anon

    THAT’s a deficient, dated kitchen? Viking range, quality cabinets, double refrig, granite counter-tops, island….are you looking at different photos than I? Looks like quite a nice house to me.

    The sellers already got their $$ from the relocation company so what do THEY care if it takes a year or ten? They said sayonara with a big smile.

    • No one I showed it to liked that kitchen nor, obviously, did anyone else. But you’re absolutely right about the relocation company – their loss, not the lucky (former) owner.

  2. Anonymous

    But what is wrong with the kitchen? It looks great.

  3. Anonymous

    ah, well, then those are deceptive photos!

    • They’re from a Realtor’s website, for crimminy’s sake! You wouldn’t (shouldn’t, anyway) expect anything else. Then again, if it was your house being depicted, would you want a truly accurate description out there for every jerk like me to comment on and say nasty things about it? Probably not.

  4. Anonymous

    I toured the house. The pricing (even at 10-20% off) left little budget for the renovations/reconfigurations that many buyers would want. It is primarily designed for an older couple who want one-floor living -or- a family with teenage children who want their own “space” upstairs. The large upstairs common room is fine for teenagers, just not the parents — it is directly over the first-floor master bedroom below. You could create a master suite upstairs, but you end up with a three-bedroom home with either a huge, unused guest suite downstairs or yet another “den” on the opposite side of the house from the kitchen. Wasted space. Merging the master with the downstairs library is possible by knocking down a few walls, but the end result will still be an odd layout. It’s a tricky house. Fabulous yard and it has potential with the aide of a good architect, but not at the price.