I could start to like this guy

$600,000 in 1977 dollars

Governor Malloy cuts $11 million from state’s “art” budget. The stones you see here are part of a 36-boulder installation purchased by the state for $600,000 in 1977 and piled in front of the Wadsworth Athenaeum up in Hartford. Not that they’d fetch anything today, but maybe we could try selling them off anyway and retiring some debt?

UPDATE from reader “Georgie”: The Gov backed off within 24 hours. Profile in Courage.


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4 responses to “I could start to like this guy

  1. AJ

    Just be glad they didn’t let Cristo loose. Those rocks are signed, of course, I hope. Some day they may want to sell them at a profit, and I shudder at the idea of someone ending up with some cheap forgery when they think they’re purchasing the real deal.

  2. FF

    I think I see a new subsidiary……..

  3. Peg

    How apropos. Rocks for those with major rocks in their heads.

  4. Georgie

    Ah, now here is the old Democrat reasserting himself again….


    Didn’t take long for the base to speak…..

    BTW, it wasn’t even a CUT it was that the various groups had to COMPETE for the funding similar to Race to the Top