If they can run as a profitable institution, good. Otherwise, who needs it?


just under a month for a letter and you're complaining? Sheesh.

USPS asks Congress for permission to cut jobs, drop Saturday mail and slow delivery. Doesn’t bother me, because, at least according to their projections, they could then be profitable for the first time in years. I’m betting that Congress will be no more willing to allow this than to let Amtrack eliminate routes to Asshole, Nebraska, in which case, nothing will change.


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7 responses to “If they can run as a profitable institution, good. Otherwise, who needs it?

  1. AJ

    Ever see some of these articles where the Postmaster has been buying up multi-million dollar houses for postal “executives” for business purposes? What’s up with that; haven’t they ever heard of getting a room in a good motel?

    Even without competition — no one else is allowed to carry letters — they still can’t cut it. Maybe they just need to come up with more Elvis stamps.

  2. postmaster steve jobs?

    every post office should have become info tech centers- take your mail and scan it, buy stuff on-line there for a fee, why ship for more than the cost of a mailed gift- po could have tied into amazon- start thinking outside the box – po could rent out computer terminals and serve coffee like starbucks and could have been a meeting place for the public, not a place with long lines that we all dread, use the tech curve for profit, not the death of them. po always had dumb managers. postal unions as usual drive industries into the ground with silly pension dreams and slow workers who never turn a profit. po could have collected people emails and helped business do emailings for a price.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    So did you piss off the folks at Business Insider somehow? They have posted another gem on the real estate “profession”:
    Let’s take a look at this, shall we? OK!!
    Josh Altman – the guy is an ego centric douche bag who sells houses to new rich celebrities who are dumb as bricks. F him.
    Emily Beare – I still want to pop her, and will probably go look at some listings to see if anything pops up. If she uses the word “cupola” I will beat her senseless and leave your business card.
    Ray Bolduc – This guy scares me. Beady eyes, all sizzle no steak. This is why people hate realtors.
    Nancy Callahan – My daughter has a Barbie wig on a head that frightens me. You know like just the head piece with a wig on top? And Barbies hair looks better than this chicks. PASS!!
    CLIF CHASE – “Real estate is in my blood”. My gaydar is ringing off the charts. NTTAWWT. But I pass.
    Phil Collins – I want to cry that he has sunk so low. SUE SUE SUDIA!!!
    Jack Cotton – If his first name was “Noiron” I would have considered him. But then he says “According to Cotton, his buyers tend to buy in the same areas because people in the high-end market like to be around others who similar to them”. Really? Really!!! I always assumed billionaires liked to live in slums with crack addicts. Who woulda thunk?
    MIRCE CURKOSKI – “Let the client make his own decision.” DUH!! Arrogant prick who looks like a Ken doll. Plus he is probably a Pollack and I can’t pronounce his name. He couldn’t sell me a winning lottery ticket.
    The next three I all hated, so let’s skip them.
    VALERIE FITZGERALD – VALERIE FITZGERALD!!! Now we are talking Dude. This chick is a hottie. I am buying whatever she is selling. She could do the bad teacher, sexy librarian to a tee!! And get this from the article “One time, when she was showing a house to a very conservative lawyer and his fiancé, they happened upon an S&M film that was filming near the location”. Accident? I think not!! This hottie gets it!!
    DINA GOLDENTAYER – “I know who I’m selling to” Dude – if this is your competition, you have no hope. This one is a smoking hottie. You think she is a Jew? Not that I care, I just want to figure if I have to start attending Jewish school to convert. I am already circumcised, so the rest is easy!!
    “Goldentayer pays close attention to her clients.” – Real estate speak that she will bang you if you buy the house for over $3.0 million!! Am I right Dude? You know I am!!

    Skip a few. Brad Hvolobrzx – the Greenwich dude. Who let him in? Tell him to lose the Mafia Don look, and go to Richards and buy some threads.
    Rob Kildow – I actually laugh out loud every time I look at this guy. But I would have a hard time buying a house from a man with a butt plug up his ass. But that is just me.
    Skip a few. Eva Mohr – one more face lift and her lips will be behind her ears. And not her face lips.
    Skip a few – Joan Swift – I am going to write her some erotica and see what happens. Or ask her if I can publish some female romance novels using “Joan Swift” as a pen name. Close your eyes Dude, and say “Joan Swift” 5 times fast and tell me you don’t get a tingle. YOU LIAR!!
    Skip a few – Zarbod – please tell me you didn’t call and ask for a date.
    Your Pal,

  4. Anonymous

    No, AJ, I haven’t seen any of the articles you reference, but I would certainly like to. Please provide some links. I will look forward to reading them. Thanks.

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  6. AJ

    I think Walt’s been around the block a few times: he’s got it nailed down to a tee. But Google Image the Valerie Fitzgerald Group: Charlie’s Angels has got nothing on them.