In case you missed it


Like Conyers Farm, only different

When Greenwich almost became UN headquarters. Everything north of the Merritt, plus parts of Stamford and North Castle too. And Valley Road homeowners are worried about a paltry little cell phone tower?


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3 responses to “In case you missed it

  1. greenwich could have been like geneva

    nato headquarters and other diplomatic baggage still thrives in geneva. if planned properly, greenwich could have been cool, not boring.

  2. ambassador who?

    does anyone even know who the current or past ambassadors to un is? or cares? what a waste.

    all greenwich would have gotten is a bunch of foreigners and us diplomats parking on the avenue and never pay their parking tickets. the cops would love it since they would be busy for eternity doing useless work writing tickets. wait that is what the greenwich cops are doing now. so nothing changes in this crappy town.

    diplomatic immunity!

  3. Anonymous

    They should have located the UN in the poorest part of Africa so that their elite diplomats would have to actually face the third-world squalor that they deplore in the General Assembly. But no, these hypocrites have no real interest in that. They would much rather party with the glitterati in NYC (think Kofi Annan, who attended every high-society ball in sight while enabling his son Kojo to siphon off zillions of dollars in the crooked Iraq oil-for-food program and get away with it) and dine in the city’s gourmet restaurants on their government’s dime. Even poor countries seem to be able to come up with enough scratch to pay for their UN reps to live the high life after they arrive at the big city. Foreign aid anyone?