Local knowledge: it’s a wonderful thing

It’s useful in real estate but knowing the local waters doesn’t hurt either. A couple of guys are trying to barge new pilings up the creek (I assume they launched at Ole’s) in the dark (I’m writing this at 6:00 PM) without running lights or, obviously, any idea where the creek shallows. So now they’re high and dry, so to speak, on the bank across from my house. Too dark to take a picture but I expect they’ll still be there tomorrow morning.

I could have told them to swing wide, rather than hug the south side but then, they didn’t ask me.

UPDATE: Aw, they got off – no pictures. I can laugh at these guys, by the way, only because my knowledge of the creek and the surrounding waters was hard-won. I know where the rocks and shoals are because I probably hit every one of them when I was a kid. Not so much these days but I’m certainly capable of repeating the experience.

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  1. Anonymous

    I love your childhood. I wish I had been there!
    I was stuck in the middle of a city, not my home, missing you, without even knowing you.