Push oil up to $200 a barrel and electric cars have a chance

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Otherwise, the batteries are too expensive to compete with gasoline. Of course, if oil does get that high the economy will tank and no one will be buying cars of any type, gas or electric, but what do you want, egg in your beer?

But as usual, there’s an app for the problem: your money. Obummer wants to take $10,000 from your pocket and give it to someone else to buy what otherwise makes no economic sense. This is called the New Democracy.


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3 responses to “Push oil up to $200 a barrel and electric cars have a chance

  1. We also send $1 billion to devielop offshore drilling in Brazil and nix a jobs producing gas line from Canada, so China will get their business instead. And, of course, we subsidize solar projects that go bankrupt despite subsidies (whither markets?) and we lose $537 million of our money to a campaign supporter.

  2. AJ

    I used to like to take toys that took AA batteries and wire in 9Vs and blow out all the gears — horsepower gone wild, albeit on a mini scale.

  3. AJ

    Kenneth sez: the frequency is 528 Hz, the one everybody structures their water with.