This should surprise no one

Foreclosures zoom up again now that the fraud “investigation” has swept those robo-signed documents under the rug. All objective observers said this would happen but I seem to recall the NAR and even a local real estate columnist (no, not me, for crying out loud) citing last year’s drop in foreclosures as evidence that the market was stabilizing or even ha ha ha, “improving”. Give me a break.


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6 responses to “This should surprise no one

  1. Anonymous

    fc slowdown has nothing to do with stabilizaiton. whoever said that hasn’t a freakin’ clue what they’re talking about.

    it has everything to do with servicers who control 95% of the market halting literally millions of fc’s for the past ~9 months for the most part–robo-signing notwithstanding (although that was the primary catalyst).

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Here is a list of the “Most Successful” realtors of the past year. SURPRISE!! You are not on it!! NO ONE from Greenwich is on it. You are all slackers.

    If you would be so kind, I would like to make some observations and ask some questions about the list. May I?
    Firstly, I was surprised by the number of male realtors. I really was. Is it possible that I am in fact correct that the majority of you locusts are in fact female, but the few males there are, actually are better at it than the females? Like chefs. Most are woman, but all the great ones are men. But that can’t be right. Just look at you and Francis. So what is up with that?
    Next, where are all the blue hairs? I was surprised to see a few hotties in the bunch. Emily Beare looks like she would be a fun ride. I may have to explore some listings with her. And Dolly Lenz has the whole Librarian “come bang me” look down pat. I am a sucker for that look Dude. How about you?
    Don’t fall for Zarbod. She is a man BABY!!
    And I knew Phil Collins retired from the music business, but he went into dirt sales? How sad is that? Breaks my heart.
    And why are some of these houses sold by more than one locust? They need to take turns driving? I sign up with that hottie Joan Swift (GREAT NAME!!) and she pawns me off on Robert Schulman? What kind of bait and switch is that? I would be pissed.
    Finally, what is Rob Kidlow sitting on, exactly?
    Get to work and make the list next year. You loser.
    Your Pal,

  3. Walt-

    What? Brad H. doesn’t count for Greenwich? Even at 25% of ask, still on the list.

  4. AJ

    Whoever said crime doesn’t pay apparently didn’t know much about bankers.

  5. Walt-
    We need to work on some conspiracy theories together. New stuff out on JFK. And WTC-7 – now that was a job!

    Meet me in the Town Clerk’s vault – back room – 10am on Tuesday.