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The Dems are siding with Tesei on the Byram pool while his fellow Republicans don’t like it. Here’s my easy, low-cost solution:

Fun in Byram!


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The adventure begins at Greenwich High

Soil sampling’s done – hang onto your wallets.

The district’s 2012-13 capital budget includes $600,000 to remove contaminated soil. Public Works plans to update the Board of Estimate and Taxation by late winter or early spring with a cost estimate. The department has put together a 2012-13 funding request for $1.5 million for additional investigation and to prepare for remediation efforts. [emphasis added]

So that’s $2.1 million ($600 + $1.5 -pretty good, eh? Those PCBs didn’t hurt me!) just to hire more consultants – not a grain of soil will have been removed by the time this money is spent and they come back for more. Instead of a “Performing Arts center”, how about we pave the place and give the kids kazoos to toot?


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The ultimate driving machine? Last one you’ll live to own, anyway.

"Well, it's one of our least expensive cars"

Former Greenwich selectman Lynn Lavery’s Mini-Cooper burned up and set her garage on fire 24 hours after she’d parked it, turned it off and removed the key. BMW, which makes the Mini-Cooper, wasn’t exactly apologetic, admitting that they’ve known their cars were exploding and were certainly planning to notify their customers of the danger, eventually.

I would never buy a modern BMW – their complicated electronics seem to cause nothing but grief – but a manufacture knowing about this and doing nothing? Nicht so gut.


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Danger Will Robinson!

From Zero Hedge: robots are now writing financial news stories that other robots are trading on.

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And just to keep Fudrucker and Dollar Bill chuckling this weekend, there’s this:


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Poor San Francisco

First it’s a shark fin soup-slurping President, now a terrorist coming to kill their children (do they have children in San Francisco?) From Zero Hedge.

Twinkie Bomber


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OMG! Did Obama eat shark fin soup??!

Nah, the poor bastid simply ordered takeout from a San Francisco restaurant that serves the banned stuff (and shark fin soup should be banned – a horrible killing is going on in our oceans). But that was enough for the California loonies to attack the guy. Nothing to the story. Besides, we all know that the President prefers cat meat.

Tastes like chicken!

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Death by a thousand cuts

As envisioned

11 Langhorne Lane, that former Antares disaster that’s now someone else’s problem has reduced its price a whopping $2 million dollars, down to $23 million from $25.  This 26,000 square foot monster has been kicking around since at least 2007, back when the Antares Boyz had (other people’s) money. At one point they were asking $25 million for it with the understanding that the buyer would spend another $10 million to finish it – a marketing strategy that failed, inexplicably.

One of their creditors took it over in 2008, paying lenders $13.750 million, I suppose because he figured it was a way to salvage some of what he was owed by Antares but it’s beginning to look like good money after bad. He’s spent a lot of money completing it (or I think he’s completed it – I haven’t been inside since 2007) but there doesn’t seem to be a market for houses on steroids on this street of otherwise-modest homes. Now if that Jeremy Lin gets a fat new contract from the Knicks, there’s hope, but Mr. Lin seems like an unassuming guy with taste so even that might not bring salvation.

But it’s here for you, should you want it. Almost 9 acres, much of it under water, some of it filled illegally by the Boyz, plus some lawn. Your move.


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Well, Gideon, we shall see

As PhotoShopped by Sotheby's

New listing at No. 10 Martin Dale brought on today by brother Gideon at $3.295 (estate of one of one of my favorite writers in town – ever). It is true that across the street No. 9 Martin Dale sold for $5.150 million but (a) that was in the last days of 2007’s insanity and (b) the house had been completely rebuilt in 1995. This property, although described as ready to be added to could more fairly be expected to be added to a dumpster.

But heck, it’s a wonderful street and you can’t beat the easy location. If, as Gideon likes to say, it’s best to be the third broker on a listing well then, fellas, you know who to call next year.

UPDATE: Gideon responds.


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So how hot is Riverside? We’ll find out

272 Riverside Avenue

272 Riverside Avenue sold new in late December, 2007 for $3.850 million. That was the going price for houses in that area back then; in fact, I sold two just a few doors down, each for that price. But the crash hit even Riverside and when these owners tried selling in 2009 they couldn’t get $3.685;  one of the houses I sold was resold in 2010 somewhere in the $3.6 $2.88 (!) range.

But today 272 is back, asking its original 2007 purchase price of $3.850. Will it fetch that? Given recent sales, I think it will, or come close to it. And if it does, we’ll know something about the rebound of new(ish) construction in Riverside. Builders, to your dozers!


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So what took him so long? An efficient distribution of resources – sounds like a centralized planner from Venezuela

Ungrateful bitch!

98-year-old mother evicted by her son.

Officials documents prove that Mary still pays all of her bills with her Social Security money, but the house is under her son Peter’s name. He had his parent’s sign it over to him years ago. News 8 found Peter at his home in Trumbull. “I don’t like the way she’s living over there,” said Peter.


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Here’s a surprise

WaMu bankruptcy case settles, Wall Streeters who paid pennies on the dollar for its debt will be reimbursed at face value. All subsidized by US taxpayers. What a country – let’s go out and buy ourselves teslas.

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“Okay, we’re back. Anything happen while we were away?”

5 Le Jeune Court, in Havemeyer, sold new in 2007 for $1.6 million. The owners must have been out of town the past five years because they’ve put it up for sale today at $1.580 million. I’m dubious.


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Why do they love dictators so? Coincidence?

get in line to kill a protestor!

Chavez ships fuel to Syria to support regime. Joe Kennedy, Sean Penn, Jimmy Carter and Cindy Sheehan are just a few of the liberals who have expressed their admiration for this man. I wonder why? Could it be …


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Haven’t heard from Dollar Bill? He’s at the Tesla dealer with John Paul Tudor Jones

Who loves ya, Baby?


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What I want to do next – selling real estate’s awfully dull

Mountain man continues to evade authorities: five years and counting.

The Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY — He’s eluded authorities for more  than five years, a mountain man who roams the wilderness of southern  Utah, breaking into remote cabins in winter, living in luxury off hot  food, alcohol and coffee before stealing provisions and vanishing into  the woods.

Okay, not the thief part – violates my philosophy. But wandering the mountains? Pretty cool. Until you get sick or injured, of course, but that’s what ObummerKare’s for, right?


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5 School Street – it’s a pretty house, convenient location but …

0.08 of an acre and $600 per square foot? Seems high to me, even at its new reduced price of $812,000. The owners bought this in 2005 via bidding war, paying $825,000 when it asked $795,000 but sadly for them, we’ve dropped quite a bit below 2005 price levels. I’m not the least bit happy that homeowners of relatively modest means are losing their capital on this property but that’s where we are. In fact, I suggested as much just three weeks ago when this first came on the market.


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Hot air

How come I didn't learn this when I was an affirmative action student at Harvard?

A handful of courageous congressmen are resisting adding back the “wind subsidy” to the extension of the Social Security tax cut currently on its way to enactment. Naturally, the wind generator folks (including General Electric, who I believe has one of its executives ensconced in the White House) are moaning of the “green jobs” that will be lost if taxpayers aren’t required to subsidize an unprofitable industry. But is this true?

Decades ago economist Henry Hazlett debunked the “broken window” theory of economic growth in an analysis that is equally applicable to hurricane damage and, in this case,”green jobs”. The theory holds that, should some punk bust a storekeeper’s window he’s actually working for the greater good because the storekeeper will now have to buy a new window, thus enriching the glazier who in turn will buy more glass from suppliers who will then proceed to buy still more materials, hire workers to produce that glass and on and on. Hooray for hooliganism! Bring back Occupy Wall Street!

But as Hazlett pointed out, that storekeeper was undoubtedly planning another use for the money he’s now forced to spend on the broken window. So, while the glazier gets new business, someone else does not, and the same cycle that creates new jobs in the glass activity results in fewer jobs somewhere else.

And that’s your green jobs fallacy in a nutshell.

UPDATE from Forbes: GE wind plant: $16.3 million for each “job”. As Forbes warns, “there’s more to come”.


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"Choke on this, Abdullah!"

MI6 hacks terrorist web site, changes recipe. 

British intelligence has hacked into an al-Qaeda online magazine and replaced bomb-making instructions with a recipe for cupcakes.


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Exactly how ignorant must a copy editor be not to catch this?

Jeg priser Gud!

They sure sound alike: Norwegian, Nigerian, and what’s the difference anyway?


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