Well, Gideon, we shall see

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New listing at No. 10 Martin Dale brought on today by brother Gideon at $3.295 (estate of one of one of my favorite writers in town – ever). It is true that across the street No. 9 Martin Dale sold for $5.150 million but (a) that was in the last days of 2007’s insanity and (b) the house had been completely rebuilt in 1995. This property, although described as ready to be added to could more fairly be expected to be added to a dumpster.

But heck, it’s a wonderful street and you can’t beat the easy location. If, as Gideon likes to say, it’s best to be the third broker on a listing well then, fellas, you know who to call next year.

UPDATE: Gideon responds.


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14 responses to “Well, Gideon, we shall see

  1. G'wich Transplant

    If this house is a teardown (and the listing which describes a house of under 3K sq ft certainly makes it seem that way), this is a ludicrous price for less than an acre of dirt. Houses on MacPherson have sold, largely done, for the price this teardown is asking. 1 acre lots on Kenilworth Terrace have gone for $1.3M. Unless this lot is subdivadable, it’s hard to justify this price given those comps.

  2. Greenwich Native

    McPherson Drive ain’t Martin Dale, fella. Gracious old house recently renovated and landscaped, beautiful property on the town sidewalk system. I disagree with Transplant and you. Time will tell.

  3. Close to Townie

    Hmmm. 58 North Street, old house, larger than this listing, less property, on a busy road is listed at $3.795, and 63 North Street, old house, fewer options, also busy road, just sold quickly for $2.8. In town, large lot, cul de sac, around $3mil sounds about right. Womp it up for a mil and you are still ahead of the game. Always liked Martin Dale. Kind of Riverside in Central Greenwich.

    • It depends, Townie, on whether we’re talking land or a livable house. 58 North is a really great house, as is, with a (realtively) recent addition. Renew the kitchen – install new cabinets and appliances but the basic layout’s fine, especially with the huge new family room/eating area just off it) and you’re good to go for another century.

      Maybe something’s been done to 10 Martin Dale since I visited its late owner a few years ago but back then, much as I loved the gentleman, I figured the house wouldn’t outlast the man. And if that’s so, then $3.3 just to get started is, in my opinion, much too high. But as noted, we shall see. If I’m so smart, how come I’m so poor?

  4. pulled up in OG

    Assessment 38.9% of ask. : )

  5. GPD Folk

    He was a great writer and an even greater guy….and a friend of mine as well.

  6. Chimney

    Was that Bernie?

  7. Anonymous

    Gideon is asking too much. You can buy 180 North for $3.2 million.

  8. Anonymous

    why is that Chris? you can walk on Martin Dale from 180’s backyard, and you have a new house, 6,500 sqft, and 1.2 acres.

    As a buyer, wouldn’t you rather buy 180 instead for that kind of money?

  9. anonymous

    180 North Street, in a bog, on a busy curve, is asking $3.9.

  10. Greenwich Native

    Anonymous at 8:09 AM: The back gate at 180 North, providing foot access onto lower Martin Dale North, is not deeded access, but there through the grace and favor of the former homeowner at #21 Martin Dale North. That was a stumbling block to purchase last time 180 was on the market. All of the foot access in the world to the cul de sac does not mitigate the flooding problems at 180, as evidenced by the sophisticated water removal system in the basement, nor the frontage onto the busiest curve on lower North Street. You could grow #10 to suit your needs, but you can’t change the location or topography of 180. Not a comp, and asking $700k more.