Shared sacrifice doesn’t include “Staycations” for this family

Already exhausted after just a few weeks back from her three-week Hawaiian vacation, Michelle Obama has taken the girls skiing in Aspen (she accidentally went to Vail last year where she discovered that Republicans do Vail, Democrats do Aspen). While the cost to taxpayers will be enormous, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the royal family, if not the hundreds of support staff and security guards, will be staying at the James Crown estate. Mr. Crown, a billionaire, offered the same facilities last time Michelle was out Aspen way a few months ago, when she held a fund-raiser to help her husband continue to support her in the life style to which she has become accustomed.


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  1. cos cobber

    Could drop in facts comparing the obama vactions to prior administrations. Without a relative measure its difficult to judge.

  2. Green Mtn Punter

    The Obummers and their ilk need to go. They are the worst thing to ever happen to this country. And we stand idly by wringing our hands, letting it happen.

  3. Inagua

    CC – You asked about proir First Family vacations. Laura Bush and a group of childhood girl friend take a vacation trip every summer. While First Lady, the group went to National Parks and hiked. George Bush mostly cleared brush at his ranch or played golf with his father in Maine. Clinton sponged off any rich person who would put him up from Malibu to Martha’s Vineyard. Bush Senior mostly went to his place in Maine. Reagan went to his ranch in Santa Barbara. Carter I don’t recall; nor Ford. Nixon went to San Clemente. LBJ went to his ranch. Kennedy went to Cape Cod, although Jackie frequently rented summer places so she and the kids could get away from the Washington heat. Ike mostly went to Camp David. Truman like to take boat rides, frequently in Florida. Roosevelt didn’t get around much because of the wheelchair. Michelle has been the only peripatetic luxury vacationeer in recent memory.

  4. Anonymous

    Had Michelle been anywhere outside of the U.S. prior to the presidency (or campaign?)

  5. I am not a fan of this woman or her silly-looking booby belts:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=885&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=hw9AT9j1BMPf0QH66pzLBw

  6. Anonymous

    Now that’s funny…..

  7. Let's get back to reality


  8. FF


    While mostly correct in your analysis, you glossed over a few little things. When George Bush “cleared some brush down in Texas”, which I recollect was over 477 days during his 8 years, he brought down over 75 personnel, took four jets including Air Force One, all of which were paid on the taxpayer dime. When Laura took her virginal trip with girlfiiends, she also was dispatched on Air Force One with full secret service protection and her full time staff of eight, including a personal valet and a social secretary.
    Your problem is Obama and the Democrats, not the reality that Presidential trips and First Lady trips cost crazy money, as they will cost exactly the same should your President Mitt fantasy come around. So, you make some kind of false comparison that a trip to Vail, or Aspen, or Hawaii – because they are expensive destinations for regular people – are vastly more expensive and egregious than a trip to Crawford, or Odessa, or Santa Barbara. I can’t believe you would fall for the propagandistic trick of optics over substance. Only the masses and rubes fall for that.

  9. Inagua

    FF – Nice deflection, but I didn’t say anything about the cost of First Family travel. Security makes it very expensive whether the First Lady goes to a National Park to hike or to Mollorca to dine with the King of Spain. My point was that the number, frequency, destinations, and activities of such trips tell us something about our First Families.

  10. Mr. Independent

    When everyone else did it, we were not in our current economic and unemployment condition. When the economy was down during Carter’s term, President Carter was smart enough to take his vacation down the Mississippi river on a paddle-boat.

  11. Anonymous

    Haha…love the “booby belts!” She does wear them way too high on the waist. Not flattering at all.

  12. Cos Cobber

    Thanks Inaqua.

    FF no challenge on the symbolism of the destinations? The destinations speak volumes if accurate.

  13. Anonymous

    Honestly I could care less about the cost and number of Presidential vacations (although I agree with previous posters that it is not really fair to make GWB sound like a budget conscious pauper for hanging out on his giant ranch in Texas). What I would love is for you, CF, to spend a little time on Santorum. Today he suggested we all home school our kids. Not really sure how that works out when all the moms with school age kids quit their jobs and stay home to teach their kids. Seeing the the majority of births to women under 30 are now to single moms, who is going to earn money for rent, food and school supplies for the charming home school? Or maybe kids just stay home by themselves while mom works and school each other?

  14. AJ

    They all seem to follow the model set by former King Edward, Duke of Windsor and Ms. Wallis Simpson, mouchers royal. But who were those sycophant, social climbing fools who sucked up to them and paid their way? I guess they got what they paid for, whatever that was, but then the Duke and Duchess of Windsor weren’t being funded by taxpayers so that was a private affair.

    Of course, it’s we the tax payers who get to fund our Presidents’ and First Ladies’ visions of how royalty should live, but it’s tradition, and in the scheme of things, really a minor expense. On the other hand, it’s the trillions of taxpayer dollars shelled out for things like this: Wall Streeters who paid pennies on the dollar for WaMu debt will be reimbursed at face value at taxpayer expense that really gets my goat. Did you get that? They buy bad debt for next to nothing and we all have to reach into to our pockets and make sure they get full face value; they weren’t even the original bondholders, just insider swindlers, buying up bad debt and looking to take everybody for a ride. Why, you can’t even deduct your stock and bond losses on your income tax: you can only use them to offset capital gains. And I don’t know about you, but I haven’t had any of those lately.

  15. Peg

    I’m sure that Laura Bush’s travels as first lady did not come cheap. But – compare what and where Mrs. Bush did with Mrs. Obama:

    Since the attacks of September 11, Mrs. Bush has been an outspoken supporter of the women of Afghanistan. In November 2001, she became the first First Lady to give the President’s weekly radio address, speaking out against the Taliban’s oppression of women and children. She has traveled to Afghanistan three times and serves as honorary chair of the U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council.

    Mrs. Bush has been a leading Administration advocate for the cause of human rights in Burma. She drew global attention to the ruling junta’s oppression with a 2006 roundtable at the UN headquarters. After Cyclone Nargis devastated Burma in May 2008, Mrs. Bush held an unprecedented press conference in the White House Press Briefing Room and urged the regime to accept international aid. Mrs. Bush also traveled to the Thai-Burma border and met with refugees who fled the abuses of Burma’s military regime.

    Mrs. Bush has traveled to all 50 States and more than 75 countries. She has made five trips to Africa alone in support of the President’s life-saving global health initiatives, including the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) and the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). In visits to 10 of the 15 countries targeted by the PMI and 12 of the 15 PEPFAR countries in Africa, Asia, and the Americas, she witnessed first-hand the success of these historic commitments. In 2006, she joined President Bush to co-host the first-ever White House Summit on Malaria, which helped raise awareness of malaria and support grassroots efforts to eradicate the disease.

    Sorry. But there really is a difference in traveling as an ambassador to places like Africa, Burma, etc. and visiting all the states and going to the most exotic playgrounds of the wealthy around the world.

  16. Inagua

    CC – Since becoming First Lady, Michelle Obama has taken vacarions to Majorca, South Africa, Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, Vail, Aspen, Florida, Oregon, and Latin America. Vacations, not official goodwill visits. She was away vacationing 42 days last year. I don’t know if she took eight weeks vacation when she was a City Hospital administrator in Chicago, but it does seem that since she has been able to be proud of her country that she has been willing to let that country’s taxpayers contribute to a vacation schedule that is a bit more varied than most taxpayers enjoy.

  17. Inagua

    FF – President Mitt is not a fantasy of mine. I am quite sure he would be a bad president. Perhaps not as bad as Bush and Obama, but very bad.

  18. Anonymous


    That’s great that Laura bush helped people in other countries.

    What about minority or dark skinned women that live in the united states ?

    One doesn’t have to leave the USA to experience 3rd world living conditions and education standards.

  19. Anonymous

    i’d rather see donald trump for pres. than the whole lot of ’em.

    that’s how low my expectations have been managed.

  20. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous,

    Michelle has been doing a wonderful job helping all minority and dark skinned women that live in Aspen and Martha’s Vineyard. Her concern for 3rd world America is obvious to all. She really sets a fine example for all of us and really demonstrates what it is to be a team player.

  21. Balzac

    W loves golf, but didn’t he play zero rounds while President? He thought it would be unseemly to be seen golfing with wars underway. This restraint, respect and decorum are beyond the comprehension of the current Pres.

  22. Peg

    I guess anon missed the part about Laura Bush traveling to all 50 states.

    And I don’t think she was aiming at going to places with “dark skinned women”. She was being supportive of her husband’s programs to fight AIDS in Africa – a place where it truly was a disaster of epic proportions.

    Nevertheless, anon#2 is right. Our current first lady is helping those in need of all colors who suffer in Aspen, Martha’s Vineyard, Manhatten, etc. God bless them, every one!