Tiny bubbles

Watch out below!

Or big ones. China cuts its reserve rate for banks in an attempt to prop up its housing market and, more important, the bad loans made to finance that property. Plenty of smart money on Wall Street says that this time it’s different and China’s economy will just keep growing. I don’t think so – there’s no transparency in their economy, they have built entire cities that now stand empty and they don’t honor property rights, including intellectual property rights like patents. A kleptocracy cannot stand forever.


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6 responses to “Tiny bubbles

  1. Greenwich Gal

    Mr. Greenwich Gal agree and he says he is not betting on China. There are too many problems in their business model, so to speak.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    The United States is a kleptocracy. And why do you keep pulling these big words out of your ass? YES I KNEW WHAT IT MEANT! But your other reader may not. We need to broaden your appeal, so dumb it down. OK? You dummy.
    But you don’t think the U.S. is corrupt, and the vast majority of politicians are in it for the money? Taking care of their own interests, feathering their own nest, and screwing the rest of us? The last honest politician we had was Truman. You know that, right? So we are basically screwed with both the Democrats and the Republicans. But Democrats suck worse. Eat me, Francis.
    And the ESPN guy lost his job for writing a stupid headline. You feel good about that? I THINK IT SUCKS AND IS WRONG. If you and I got in trouble for writing stupid shit, we would be in jail forever.
    So you happy now? That makes the world a better place, right?

    It is our ability to speak honestly that makes us free. Think about that you load. You can disagree with what someone says, and you should, but don’t take away their right to say it. Free speech and guns will soon be a thing of the past. So I am going to spew as much crap as possible to try and get it out of my system. I suggest you go blow something up.

    And what is your fascination with the Chinks all of a sudden? I thought you were strictly Japanese school girl porn. No? And the Chinks and the Japs hate each other. I never really understood why. I like them both. They all look good in plaid. I know you know what I mean!! You perv.

    Did you hook up with a Mama San? Good for you!! She ruv you rong time!! The LBFM’s can be an addiction, so be careful!! Or is that Tai’s? Is Tai racist, Dude? Not meant to me. I go by cup size, not race. How about you?
    Your Pal,

  3. Inagua

    Walt – Truman was not a completely honest politician. At a time when Senators earned $10,000 a year he put his wife Bess on his Senate office payroll for an $8,000 job. It was a total fraud, as she didn’t even come to Washington. Also, as Vice President and President, Truman had a military aide named Harry Vaughn, who was caught up in a 5% kickback scandal involving government contracts. One of Eisenhower’s campaign slogans in 1952 was “Let’s Clean Up the Mess in Washington.”

  4. Anonymous

    @Walt, I do feel better and I’d feel even better than that if Fox Sports suspended Jason Whitlock for his racial slur against Mr. Lin which came at the start of this bullshit swiping at a kid trying make his way in the NBA.

  5. Anonymous

    @CAFK, we can’t have a future as a country as long as we keep funding this kind of behaviour at ever expanding rates since the start of LBJ’s Great Society. Some of those single mothers even admitted that they wouldn’t marry their childrens fathers because they would no longer qualify for government assistance even though they were living together as a complete family unit.

    I read this fascinating (to me because I know so little about Mormons) article in the WSJ about how Mormons take care of their poor and also reach out in times of emergencies to help out in other parts of the world. I had no idea the LDS church was one of the first responders to Katrina victims bringing not only food and water, but gasoline and generators.

    I admire their program very much from what I learned in this article.