I’ve long thought that the solution was to pave it


Bye bye, Newport!

Biden announces upcoming trip to “Road Island”.


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8 responses to “I’ve long thought that the solution was to pave it

  1. I catch the New Canaan Patch editor, Paul Devlin, lying on the record and playing favs for the RTC chairman, report it, and then he goes to the NCPD over the story?

  2. Walt

    Ms. McBeal –
    I read this article twice, and I have no idea what the frig you are talking about. I know you have a thing for the Dude, and I appreciate that. He needs some attention. And he has so few prospects. So don’t give up on him. He grows on you. Give him a sympathy you know what.
    But you write incoherently. That was harsh, I know, but someone needs to tell you. Don’t get me wrong. You have great eyes, and a pair of sweater puppies that would keep me busy for a long time. Rong time? OOOPS, that was yesterdays joke. Put on a cashmere sweater and lets rub privates.
    Anyhows, you say “I am an internationally known freelance investigative financial journalist who lives in New Canaan.” La dee frigging da.
    I am an unknown poster from backcountry Greenwich. Do this. Write cogently. So we can understand you. If you want, we can take the Dude to brunch and he can explain it to you. He writes boring, but he is cogent.So he isn’t a total loser, contrary to popular belief. You have any girlfriends you can bring?
    Your Pal,

  3. peeps

    Road Island? That’s not so bad. I heard Michelle has her travel advisor trying to arrange a plane or boat to get her over, since it’s an island.

  4. Anonymous

    Teri, you’d have more credibility if you followed Walt’s advice. It would also help if you’d stop acting like a bunny boiler in your online interactions.

  5. She’s a true bunny boiler, but at least she’s an “internationally known writer”, that’s probably cuz she’s probably be arrested in the 3 countries. And by the way, those arent her eye colored contacts.

  6. http://www.ctpost.com/policereports/article/New-Canaan-journalist-arrested-for-harassing-teen-798983.php Oh, isn’t funny how Teri Buhl has a track record of harassment. I guess the NCPD broke through your “first amendment” shield.

  7. Talk about birds of a feather flocking together. Check out the story on Buhl’s attorney. And Walt, if you saw her in person, you’d flinch.