Bottom story of the day

Greeks prepare for the past

Greek Rescue Leaves Europe Default Risk Alive. Next they’re going to tell us that China’s economy is not all it’s claimed to be.


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4 responses to “Bottom story of the day

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    I may be the only one who got the headline. Bravo!!
    You know how you know you are Greek?
    You’re 5’4″, can bench press 325 pounds, shave twice a day, but you still cry when your mother yells at you!
    You touring back country today? Stop by. I will stuff a burger down your throat and we can catch up.
    Your Pal,

  2. AJ

    Troops march for Ron Paul in a massive display of support, and the media ignores it as if it never happened:

  3. AJ

    Sometimes you have to wear hip waders and a gas mask just to watch the evening news. Here a terrorism expert tells us that the reason the underwear bomber was allowed on the plane without even a passport was because they knew he was on a terrorist watch list and they wanted to question him in Detroit:

  4. Rude Poster

    AJ, hope your recuperation is going well. In the meantime, you are digging up some good stuff. keep up the good work!