Break my heart

Girlfriend of Frankenstein

There’s a wonderfully snarky review about a new book that portrays the Madoff kin in a hagiographic light (this word’s for you, Walt) but the shocker is the accompanying photograph of Catherine Hooper – the lady looks awful – I mean awful! What happened to the chic in a  tits-flopping-out bikini hoisting a dead fish? How could someone age so quickly and so badly in just four years? Must be that rose oil doesn’t work.

Her three-year-old daughter has just been returned from nursery, but poor Catherine can spend only five minutes with her before dashing off, “awash with guilt”, for two hours of expensive beauty treatment. Because this is obviously how you demonstrate you are not in a relationship for the money. But at the salon she receives a text message from Andrew saying they won’t be attending the party after all (he had just found out about his father’s fraud). She’d got dolled up and missed out on quality time with her daughter for nothing! Oh, poor Catherine! That night, as Andrew lies on their bed in silence, we read how she stoically “finished applying Moroccan rose oil to her legs, slipped on a silk chemise and tried to quell the flutter of anxiety rising in her chest” before asking what was wrong.

seems like yesterday


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8 responses to “Break my heart

  1. Greenwich Gal

    The passage of time, dear CF, is cruel and no beauty regimen, much less Moroccan Rose Oil, can cure.

  2. Reader

    You may also enjoy a new novel, The Darlings by Cristina Alger. It is a story of a glamorous family who control a fund of funds that unravels when the biggest investment turns out to be a Ponzi scheme. A fun read that hits close to home.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    I admit it. I had to look hagiographic up. You used it appropriately. Now put the thesaurus back up your ass where it belongs. And leave it there. You load.
    But as it relates to Ms.Hooper? I still think she is pop worthy. The melons seem to be holding shape, so what is your problem? I would oil that up and take it for a ride. You have standards all of a sudden? Since when?
    Your Pal,

  4. AJ

    Where is that they’re sitting? Is that the den of iniquity or the den of thieves?

  5. AJ

    “…quell the rising flutter of anxiety rising in her chest”? Who the hell writes like that? Does this book have a swooning damsel and well oiled guy with an unbuttoned pirate’s shirt on the cover?

  6. AJ

    Her posture reeks of someone trying to retain her lost dignity.

  7. Sound Beacher
    AJ- They were on the Today show promoting thier own book. Later that day Ruth was at the OG school Halloween parade (and it wasn’t someone in costume!)

  8. AJ

    Ah, their own book; finally the inside story, the truth of the matter, we get down to the bottom of it, Moroccan rose oil, quelled flutterings and all. I see they got a real publisher; I would have thought it was Vanity Press.