Letting it all hide out


Michelle is still in Aspen, but the White House would prefer you didn’t know that. From Instapundit:

MORE ON MICHELLE OBAMA’S ASPEN VACATION:  An InstaPundit reader in Aspen emails:  “The Obamas are doing everything they can to be invisible in Aspen. If you didn’t know they were here, you wouldn’t know. It’s clear their press operation fears more of the Michelle Antoinette meme leaking out.”  Too late!


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5 responses to “Letting it all hide out

  1. John

    We were at the Aspen airport yesterday. Michelle had two Gulfstream G 550 jets (owned by you and me), along with her phalanx of security and entourage. In Aspen, they stayed at one of the estates owned by the Crown family, the comically liberal owners of the Aspen Skiing company who’ve raised millions for Obama while, like the Obamas themselves, not paying a penny more in income taxes than the legal minimum. (And, as a public service to all those who also need help in “paying their fair share,” I remind you that page 91 of the 1040 instructions for last year explain how you too can pay all the incomes taxes you like without triggering that dreaded refund check we know you hate to receive…). All airport and local airspace movements were shut down during her departure; wonder how many travelers missed connections due to this?

  2. Georgie

    Its so flagrant and distasteful……beyond words

    I just read unemployment ticked up to 9%….but Michele knows that even with these rising unemployment numbers and (trillions added) deficit, the Republicans havent got a shot as they bicker over abortion and global warming….so alas she enjoys the delights of the .01% life…

    I guess we wait for the next subsequent four years with a Chris Christie or Mitch Daniels or Paul Ryan……next generation of Republicans because this year are retread losers.

  3. Anon

    but you will never ever read/see a word about michelle’s trip in any main stream media. it’s sickening beyond sickening how the press covers her butt (and it’s one huge butt to cover!). Only fox and the blogosphere are reporting her aspen antics. thanks for keeping us informed.

  4. Fred2

    Oh, but I am looking forward to campaign advert:

    Graphic of unemployment skyrocketing and the economy tanking
    Superimpose a lengthening list of vacations to hoity toity places, along with the gruesome details.

    Get some snappy sarcastic line in.

    “No one needs a vacation more then the pres.”

    Paid for by the “Romney for President”

  5. anonymous

    Maybe Obama really wants to be a one term President…………………