One upmanship in Cos Cob

Dallas has its Mary Kay palace so Cos Cob now has one of its own (priced at the same price as Dallas’s, $3 million). Very much like the library they insisted on after discovering there was one in Greenwich proper. Illiteracy among the natives wasn’t the point.

(Above-ground pool in back)


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9 responses to “One upmanship in Cos Cob

  1. Cos Cobber

    Have you seen the extensive pop up book collection at the Cos Cob library? I swear its a national treasure.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Its the modern age, so we’re all ‘advanced’ around here.

  3. Pop up books are all assembled by hand in China in a very labor intensive process. As wages there rise the value of that collection can only go up.

  4. Anonymous

    Why are you guys mocking out the Cos Cob Library? It, as well as the Byram-Shubert and Perrot branch libraries, does a great job serving residents who may have the misfortune to live far away from the main library. This branch system works well, and patrons are happy with it, so why are you assholes mocking it?

  5. Cos Cobber

    For the record, I love the Cos Cob library… must be new to FWIW….CF and I have had a 4+ year feud over Cos Cob…sometimes I fight his assertions that the Cob is backwards and sometimes I chose to fulfill his stereotypes.

  6. Georgie

    Anonymous 11:18 am…..are you frick’n serious that the main library is “far” from the main library…..c’mon, its no more than 5 minutes from your car. And please dont tell me people walk to the library because that parking lot is stacked full.

    And given that every local (and state) politician lives in CC…..explains why ye ask and ye shall receive.