This isn’t news to anyone except Obummer, California Democrats and the New York Times

China’s high speed rail system is a bust.


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12 responses to “This isn’t news to anyone except Obummer, California Democrats and the New York Times

  1. Anonymous

    Doesn’t mean it will not work in europe or the northeast. In fact it already does

    • tiny, crowded countries vs. large ones, in part. Follow the progress of California’s boondoggle. Or of course, you can enjoy our own rail to nowhere, New Haven to Springfield.

  2. HG

    Show me a plan to build or improve a railroad, and I’ll write you a tragedy. Northern Pacific Railway failure 1873. Long Island Railroad, 1949. Penn Central, 1970. British Rail / Railtrack, 2001 (probably a record since it had been privatized only a few years before). Groupe Eurotunnel, 2006. These are just a few of the greatest hits.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Rail’s best friend – $300 per barrel oil.

  4. Anonymous

    New haven to Springfield is akin to new york to Albany which is well patronized.

    • New York City has something like 10 million people, Albany is the capital. New Haven has a bunch of Yalies who drive their Prius everywhere except Springfield, which they don’t visit at all. Springfield has the basketball hall of fame.

  5. cos cobber

    Oh yes, anonymous, you are so right, but for one minor fact, nyc has 8million people and westchester another million more. Meanwhile new haven has 135kn hartford 130k and springfield 140k…yep – just mirror images.

  6. Anonymous

    new haven is connected to nyc by way of metro north, so ??

  7. cos cobber

    And amtrak already runs the vermonter train through the same towns with a direct connection to ny – no train swotching – so….why do we need to add more trains using ct funds to operate a line (feds pay for amtrak) that amtrak demonstrates everyday witg its empty train that won’t entertain significant ridership.

    We live in a world of limited resources – there are more worthy rat holes to dump our infrastructure pork down than a train line that is certain to drain the state budget with massive operating deficits.

    The metrio north – which operates at near capacity in a region with far more people and highway traffic requires a massive subsidy to balance its budget. Just what will it take to make commuter rail in central ct work when the trains are near empty….

  8. Anonymous

    Metro north operates at over capacity , not near.

  9. Cos Cobber

    you got me. great come back.

  10. In US train tickets are more expensive that air tickets as for me. It depends on culture, like in Russia they use trains more often than airplanes because it’s cheaper. In Mexico they don’t have normal train system.