We probably need more CEO’s like this

My way or the highway, you jerks!

Head of  hamburger chain goes “undercover” for a TV show, encounters a manager abusing the staff. Shuts down the restaurant for the night, brings in a new manager the next day and, rather than fire the first manager, sends him off for more training (he also awarded the abused worker $15,000 to pursue his dream of attending culinary school).

‘I came to the conclusion that he wasn’t prepared to run that shift and wasn’t convinced that when I walked away the restaurant would provide the level of service we need,’ he told the trade magazine Nation’s Restaurant News later.

He also accepted responsibility for the manager’s poor behavior, saying it was his own fault as CEO that the company didn’t have the proper training procedures in place.

Protect your employees from abuse and take responsibility for your company’s actions? Seems like an unknown concept at many businesses. Maybe more should try it.


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2 responses to “We probably need more CEO’s like this

  1. AJ

    Back to hamburger school for you:

  2. Fred2

    Also he was on TV. That does tend to make some people, “think of the optics” a little more than they might otherwise.
    Michelle Obama not-witch-standing.