Big bucks asked for Meadowbank waterfront – I’d pay it, probably

If he weren't surely dead by now, this architect should be shot

41 Meadowbank Road in Old Greenwich is up for sale, asking $10 million plus. It last sold, via bidding war, in 2006, when it was listed at $6.9 million and sold, just 16 days later, for $7.0125. Since then, the listing claims, it has undergone extensive renovations.

Pay no attention to the picture, taken from the old listing because a new one hasn’t been posted yet. Ignoring the 1955 facade, the house in 2006 was beautiful, and the water views fantastic. Deep water dock, swimming, all that. Drawback: it’s immediately next to the Rocky Point Club, which presumably can get noisy in summer, what with all those Old Greenwich hedonists going wild at “Bacchanalian Hawaiian Night” and such.

UPDATE: Not only did this guy not change the exterior, turns out that, having knowingly moved right next door to Rocky Point swim club, he proceeded to make a complete asshole of himself upon moving in, complaining about noise, parking, height of the pool, etc, etc. Like those idiots who move under the flight path of an airport and then complain about the jets over head. What pestilent behavior.

Here’s his taste in furnishing, by the way; it simply shrieks for a nude on that zebra:

Design by Hefner?


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15 responses to “Big bucks asked for Meadowbank waterfront – I’d pay it, probably

  1. Cos Cobber

    CF, I suggest you start hanging out at JFK and learn Mandarin or Cantonese if you want to start earning commissions again.

  2. Anonymous

    5 Bridal Path in Riverside seems like the better choice

  3. Row Your Boat

    The owner is a Credit Suisse guy and probably needs to sell…my guess.

  4. Georgie

    Is this Walt’s pad?

  5. anon1

    I much, much prefer 23 Eggleston Lane, which I think sold in the $3s a few years back. To each his own. A house next to the club wouldn’t be my paradise on the water.

  6. Real Estate Junkie

    Aside from the behavior of the owners you write about – the views are to die for. Why move from that? Club or no club next door – THE VIEW. Stunning. Again, why move?

    • I agree, Junkie, but just don’t move in, knowing that the club is friggin’ right next door and then prove yourself an asshole about it. Good riddance to this new-money yokel and let’s hope someone better replaces him.

  7. Anonymous & More

    Personally, I find it shocking that people can make such inane comments about owners / sellers / homes that they know nothing about. The dialogue sounds like a script from high school “mean girls”.

  8. Rude Poster

    total cheese palace!

  9. Real Estate Junkie

    Anon and More….really? Is this your first time reading this blog?

  10. Anonymous

    Pics are up now and they did make some improvements to the facade, it looks nice and the views are awesome but I’d choose 22 Pilot Rock over this house or Chimney corner any day. Not that I could afford any of them, but still. 😀

  11. OGborn

    Chris, you got that right about new money, but from experience, I might add, classless, entitled, arrogant, ill-bred and without morals or values. The children, at the time, under 10, were taught to defy and mock elders and to taunt innocent 10 pound puppies and use their nasty Kujo dog to go after the little ones. Growing up in OG in the 1970s was quite different! If I or the neighborhood kids EVER behaved in such a disgusting manner, we would have had all privileges taken away and my mother would have called all the mothers to apologize just incase.
    Good Riddance!!!!