So what’s he got in the other forty-four spaces?

nanny's car?

Says here that John Paul Tudor Jones has 16 cars registered in his name in Greenwich. The man built a sixty (60) car garage under his mansion in Belle Haven so why the wasted space? Or does he build private rockets there?


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7 responses to “So what’s he got in the other forty-four spaces?

  1. Real Estate Junkie

    I think he stashes his solid gold bars in the empty spaces.

  2. Georgie

    Wow….that would be a big garage.

    I find it interesting for the [liberal] media to publish this “wealth” list at budget [mill rate] setting time so as to let the folks know that we have many, many 1% residents…..and—damn it—the rich should pay more.

  3. Anonymous

    Ha! I read this in the GT this morning and thought they’d caught Gideon’s new ride (photo 19) on the avenue but it was a Bentley with boring wheels. 😆

  4. Anonymous

    Oops, darned fingers! I meant to type (photo 18).

  5. dealer plates

    don’t you need to register as a dealer if you own more than 5 cars in ct?

    • Not a problem I’ve ever encountered, alas, but if there is such a requirement, I’m sure Mr. Jones can look at the top of his penny loafer and come up with the associated fee.

  6. Cobra

    As mentioned in the Greenwich Time article: “The car’s assessed value should have been listed at $500, which Karimi said is standard for all self-restored cars in Connecticut with Early American license plates.”

    It doesn’t matter if the “Early American” licensed car is self-restored or not…if one’s car is at least 25 years old, it is eligible for such plates and the town taxes it at a maximum valuation of $500, or an annual 2011 tax bill of $5.06. There are at least 100 cars licensed as “Early American” and garaged here in Greenwich that are easily worth well over $200K that are not on the list published with this Greenwich Time “hard copy” article.