The time for house flipping has passed

(July, 2012) It'll be a cold day in Hell before I give THIS house away!

17 Meadowcroft Road sold for $8.7 million in 2009. The buyers made some improvements and exactly one year later (that would be 2010, Walt) put it back up for sale at $10.795 million. Today its price was dropped to $8.9 million so whatever they spent on fixing this place up is now being voluntarily given to the next owner. That’s very generous.

And who remembers 42 Bote Road, that spec house asking $3.950 that I, and several readers, said was way overpriced? That still may not have changed but its price has – slashed today to $3.3.


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14 responses to “The time for house flipping has passed

  1. Real Estate Junkie

    Happy Ash Wednesday……

    Wasn’t 42 Bote Road done by the Irish guy – Dunn? When’s he going to SLASH his price on the Bush Ave house he did and has listed for $6M plus? Speaking of slashing – any sanity appear to the owners of CRR – 138 I believe. The builder-owned one?

    Watching the hopes and dreams of so many crash and burn is, well, somewhat sad…..

  2. It’s like telling an 8 year old that she can’t really have a pony and an iPhone and a private playhouse constructed in the back yard. Crumbling expectations are never pretty.

  3. Anonymous

    Meadowcroft looks like a beautiful old home, the other one not so much.

    Did the Bush Ave house ever upload pics to the GMLS? I found them elsewhere but it would be fun (OK, evil) to compare the finishes at Bush to those at Bote. It seems the owner/builder just ordered double paint, double tile, etc and used the exact same colors on both houses.

  4. Anonymous

    Meadowcroft is a beautiful home that had about 5 more acres with it. The current or previous owners chopped off the right side (google earth it and look at the driveway) and sold it off. There is now a gigantic megamansion going up about 35 feet to the right of the house and overlapping where the circular drive used to exit. It is tragic to see what was done to that property.

  5. Dan

    Did anyone ever build on the land that meadowcroft sold off before listing the main house for sale? Incredible house with all the land. Still beautiful as is…

  6. Anonymous

    That is a nice fucking house. It will sell.

  7. Anonymous

    it is a very nice house, trouble is the street has been somewhat ruined by some of the monstrous new construction

    • Mariani hasn’t helped with his three and the other, fourth one by someone else is no better. The street went from one of the town’s prettiest and most desirable to an “eh”, just in the time it took for the bulldozers to do their work.

  8. Real Estate Junkie

    Per Anon’s request at 1:22….can you please humor us and put up a link for 42 Bote and 38 Bush, Mr. Chris? We want to compare pictures side by side. Slow TV night…..

  9. Cos Cobber

    I see alot not to like with the layout of 42 Bote…but I’ll shut my trap and spare everyone the details.

  10. Cos Cobber

    Wow, alot of similarities between 42 Bote and 38 Bush.

    What is up with the open staircase in the main foyer down to the basement….yuck.

  11. Anonymous

    How the hell does 38 Bush have 9000sf on .6 acres in a ra-1 zone?

  12. Real Estate Junkie

    I agree with Cos Cobber. Loads of similarities.