Way up yonder, a price “cut”

22 S. Stanwich

Up on 22 S. Stanwich Road, a house that’s been priced at $3.1 million since May of last year has just cut its price to $2.995, a little bit over 3%. Nobody’s gonna steal my house!


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10 responses to “Way up yonder, a price “cut”

  1. anon

    what is next door (to the south and west)?

  2. anon

    I’ve seen similar houses in that area sell for closer to $2mm

  3. Deep water with a dock on S. Stanwich? I think it’d be the rarest.

    Should keep prices higher there, assuming you can motor or sail to the sound from there. 😉

  4. Anonymous

    I’m with anon, what’s next door to this place? I swear I counted 30+ construction vehicles in the Bing birdseye view. I know their satellite photos are a couple of years out of date but what is next door?

    • There’s a nursery on North Street that may overlap behind it, but I can’t imagine they’d have more than one or two machines, so I don’t know. I’ll look next time I’m around there.

  5. Out Looking In


    Ceci brothers nursery borders the property, and it is active in the summer.