Who killed who? Reuters isn’t saying

I clicked on this story by Reuters that reports  “12 killed in protests across Afghanistan” because I was curious: Muslimites killing fellow muslims? Soldiers killing Afghans? Muslim soldiers killing muslim protesters? What happened? Here’s the meat of the story – see if you can figure it out.

Armed protesters took refuge in shops in the eastern part of the city, where they killed one demonstrator, said police at the scene. In another Kabul rally, police said they were unsure who fired the shots that killed a second protester.

Seven more protesters were killed in the western province of Herat, two more in eastern Khost province and one in the relatively peaceful northern Baghlan province, health and local officials said. In Herat, around 500 men charged at the U.S. consulate.

Got that? Armed protesters killed “demonstrators” in one province, while “seven more ‘protesters’ were killed elsewhere. Killed by whom, “demonstrators”? Were the protesters who were killed the same type as the armed protesters mentioned in the first paragraph? A different sort?

Since no mention is made of U.S. or Afghani soldiers is made, I assume they weren’t involved; Reuters would never miss a juicy bit like that. And, while the police do merit a mention, they aren’t described as being involved in any killing. It sounds to me like one group of these religion of peace scumbags turned on the other. It’s the only explanation for Reuter’s silence that I can come up – just as, for Reuters, there are no enemies on the left, the “news” organization has never met a muslim terrorist it didn’t like.


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4 responses to “Who killed who? Reuters isn’t saying

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Who cares? It was one radical Islamic group killing another radical Islamic group. As long as no U.S. soldiers died, this is a win-win. We didn’t desecrate the Koran, and we should NOT have apologized for it. It is a disgrace that Obama felt it necessary to do so, and makes us look weak. Causing them to attack more.
    THEY desecrated the Koran, by scribbling coded messages to perpetuate war. The U.S troops also burned thousands of Bibles sent over there by some U.S. religious group, so it would not look like we were attempting to convert Muslim people to Christianity. We are fighting a politically correct war, and they are not. This places us at a HUGE tactical disadvantage, putting U.S. soldier’s lives at risk unnecessarily. All the politicians supporting this should burn in hell.
    Black Jack Pershing defeated the Muslims by burying them in pigs, denying them entry to Heaven, even if they died Martyr’s. And he won. He fought a 7th century war with some 7th century tactics. If you don’t have the stomach to do that, don’t fight the war. I don’t know how our troops don’t tell us all to go piss off. But I thank God they don’t.
    Want to grab some BBQ pork at Wil Morton’s tomorrow?
    My treat!!
    Your Pal,

  2. Anonymous

    @Anonymous 9:01am, thanks for the link, it was interesting

  3. Anonymous

    Is Terri Buhl writing for Reuter’s?