Confiscate millionaires’ fortune? Now I see the point.

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They’ll just waste it anyway so why not let Washington do it? “Comedian” Bill Maher becomes latest Hollywood fat cat to pledge $1 million to Obama Super PAC. Thought that PACs and their wealthy donors were an assault on democracy, did you? Only if the Koch brothers are involved. Hollywood liberals? “Bring it on”, to quote George Bush.

It is obviously time to repeal the Eisenhower tax cut, which ended, under intense pressure from politicians on Hollywood’s payroll, the 20% excise tax on Hollywood’s gross (not net) revenues. Imagine the wonderful effect such a tax would have on the obscene profits pocketed by folks like Maher. Priceless.

Hmm – if a fool and his money are soon parted and Bill Maher, Chris Dodd and their cronies are not stupid (okay, okay, bear with me here – it’s just a thought experiment), then why would they give millions to Obama? Is it (a) because they’re philanthropists and want Obama to pass their money on to the poor, or (b) they expect to gain something from their purchase of influence? Stupid, bleeding hearts, conniving swine or all three? I know where I’m placing my bet.


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2 responses to “Confiscate millionaires’ fortune? Now I see the point.

  1. MC

    So you advocate the re-establishment of the war time 20% gross sales- sur tax- on movie tickets? Would you also advocate that tax to cover internet sales /subscriptions, dvd sales/rentals, music purchases and all ‘luxury’ entertainment purchases? Geesh. Cut off your nose to…….

    • That’s the way it was applied back then, MC. Interesting enough, there’s a wonderful video of senator? Congressmen John Dingle Sr. father of our present Dingle, speechify in Congress in favor of repeal because the government would gain more revenue from a lower tax rate – funny how that works, isn’t it?