An oddity returns to the market

Not that odd, but this house at 132 Riverside Avenue has front stairs leading to the second floor. It was built in 1963 and has been a rental most of that time so a string of owners have made out well here. In 1968 or thereabouts I stopped on my walk home from Eastern (kids actually walked to school back then, or rode horses) and asked the man who was building those stairs what was up. He explained that he was the owner/landlord (now lived in California, if I recall) and that potential tenants always complained about having to bring their groceries from the first floor upstairs to the kitchen on the second, so he was redoing things to eliminate that problem.

At fourteen, I wasn’t sure how walking upstairs outside was any different from walking up on the inside, besides being wetter, but the guy’s strategy obviously worked, because it hasn’t been changed in the 44 years since.

Asking price is $1.995. In 2005 the previous owner listed it at $1.780 and almost immediately cut it to $1.645. It sold for that $1.645 right away, for a total time on market of just 48 days. Smart guy, and an object lesson for those sellers who drop their price in tiny slices, leaving their product lingering on the market,.


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7 responses to “An oddity returns to the market

  1. George W. Crossman

    Why is it listed for sale and rent with two different brokers? Odd.

  2. Try That One Again

    Geez —
    You spent a lot of years at Eastern — or you were a slow walker.

    Think I remember those stairs being built after we moved to Riverside in 1975.

  3. Owen

    Chris – A heartwarming story but you must have been one old Gator. The stairs are circa 1980.

  4. Row Your Boat

    This house is too odd and probably haunted.

  5. Anonymous

    It’s actually a very nice house. Lots of good liveable space. Great backyard. Priced under $2 million seems smart. I think it will go soon.