We were just discussing this

Old Greenwich’s Sound Beach and Tomac Avenue  RR bridges to be shut for up to four years, Lockwood Lane for one. You’ll certainly have a ton of traffic diverted up Lockwood and the northern half of Riverside Avenue, but where will those big semis go? The Riverside bridge can’t accommodate them so I’d guess they’ll have to come down from Stamford and then turn north on either Sound Beach Avenue or Tomac. Won’t that be fun?

And yesterday I wondered (still do)  whether Dunkin Donuts had taken this into consideration when it decided to come into Old Greenwich and open now, rather than four years from now when village life and traffic return to normal. We’ve all known this was coming for years, but did DD’s Realtor warn them of this upcoming goatf**k back in corporate headquarters? Better to lose a sale than have an unhappy customer, right? Of course it is.


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10 responses to “We were just discussing this

  1. Anothermoose

    The big trucks already use the Riverside Avenue bridge to get to Old Greenwich so they will just have to deal with more local traffic when attempting those “wide turns” you always see a warning poster for on the back door of the trailer.

  2. Anonymous

    Hmmm, I didn’t know floosing was permitted in Greenwich.

    “Digging deeper to make Sound Beach Avenue lower is also a non-starter due to already frequent floosing in low-lying Old Greenwich, Nursick said.”

  3. Anonymous

    What a disaster – it’s hard enough trying to get into OG during peak times – can you imagine the traffic we’ll endure for 4 years! Why the F does it take 4 years to replace a 50′ bridge?!!

  4. anon

    This should be a windfall for Dunkin Donuts. Just think about all the union workers and cops that will be woriking on the project taking cigarette and coffee breaks every 3 hours.

  5. George W. Crossman

    Article says most traffic closures will occur on weekends. The beach traffic will have to go through Riverside or Stamford.

  6. anonymous

    No word from that Mayor on all this.

  7. OG Reader

    The new bridge will spruce the place up by removing the center beam and adding functional sidewalks. I like it – traffic be damned.

    I also find it interesting that OG now has a new kitchen design store, a hardwood floor place, and soon a stone works or tile shop. The town is shaping up to become a design center.

  8. Anonymous

    I like it too – but 4 years to build – come on man!

    • I’m guessing the lengthy time to rebuild is because they have to keep three of the four rail lines open, Anon. If they could just tear the whole thing out at one time it would surely be quicker – the Lockwood Lane bridge, much larger, is estimated to take a year to complete.