Asking isn’t selling – just ask Leona Helmsley (‘s ghost)

(A very large) white elephant

Bloomberg News claims in a banner headline that Michael Jordan is “selling his house for $29 million”. What’s actually happened is that the former star has listed his 56,000 sq. ft., 19 bedroom mansion outside of Chicago for that price. As Leona’s heirs discovered when they listed her spread here in Greenwich for $125,000,000 and eventually sold it for $30 million, just because your real estate broker suggests a sky-high price doesn’t make it so. Generally, those prices are suggested as a means for the broker to gain national attention and do the seller no good.

It’s possible someone may want this dodo and it’s even possible, however unlikely, that someone who can afford it will come along. But Chicago? Even Obummer can’t steal enough in the few short months left in his term to pay that much.

I’m guessing that the basketball star who will be dumb enough to buy this thing hasn’t even been born yet.


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4 responses to “Asking isn’t selling – just ask Leona Helmsley (‘s ghost)

  1. Anonymous

    Why would Obummer want to move, his Chicago HQ is across the street from Louis Farrakan’s pad. Could anything be more convenient?

  2. Anonymous

    You’ll recognize Mr. Farrakhan’s “home” by the distinctive dome, directly across Greenwood you’ll see the Obama’s house with what appears to be a very large yard. You would be fooled because that yard belongs to Mrs. Tony Rezko and it’s just a coincidence that by selling 10 ft of it to the Obama’s that the lot is no longer buildable.

  3. Cobra

    Surprising that Obozo’s crib doesn’t have a dome atop it.

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