I’d been looking for this article for a couple of years now

But, after reading it back then, couldn’t find it again. Instapundit knew how though, so here’s “No Country for Burly Men” describing how the feminist movement hijacked the original stimulus bill and eschewed infrastructure rebuilding in favor of  “girl jobs” like teaching, nursing and social work”. Result? No rebuilding, no jobs for construction workers and a bunch of broads kept on government payrolls for one more year, only to be fired anyway when the stimulus ended.


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2 responses to “I’d been looking for this article for a couple of years now

  1. AJ

    Remember when Alfalfa was elected president of the He Man Woman Haters Club and then he remembered he had just sent a love letter to Darla and had to get it back?

  2. C. Aveman

    This country has been neutered by the feminazi’s and pantywaist liberals. We need more roads and bridges (or at least we need to have have them repaired). We need less sweatermeat delivering us the news (i.e. mainly what they serve up is reports on celebrities, shopping tips or some other kind of melodrama) or getting jobs that they do not really deserve just to fill a quota. A workplace where everyone is looking over their shoulder (because they fear sexual harassment lawsuits) stifles creativity. It is pretty obvious that the experiment has gone cuckoo. Just look at the culture. Greenwich Gal might think our current environment it is better for everyone but just look around you and you will see a dumbed down culture with a woman’s touch on just about everything. We certainly need less focus groups or touchy feely programs. Those are a luxury of good times ( and a waste of time). Good times these are not. Life is hard, it is not fair, and everybody does not deserve a trophy.