Mandatory minimum

Marching for unequal rights

Malloy’s trying to go where no Republican Governor has been able to tread: get rid of the state law mandating a minimum number of state troopers. This political payoff dates back decades – no other state agency is required by statute to keep a minimum number of workers on its payroll and there’s no reason troopers should have such protection against layoffs. None.

But politics don’t change. Already Malloy’s fellow Democrats are seeking to postpone Malloy’s bill “for further study” Thirty years hasn’t been sufficient?


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  1. Troopers all get free $4/gallon gas and personal use of cars

    I saw a state trooper in casual saturday clothes hauling his two young kids around to lowes the other day. He used his trooper car and free gas to do it. Outrage!

    i went to fill up my tank at $4/gallon and just paid $600 on my geico car insurance and just made a car payment as i hauled my kids around. I dont get it free.

    A CT trooper gets this gas all for free. Who gives away the store at taxpayer expense. Time for reform! Time for Foley to clean out the mess. Kill those unions. Instead of pensions, just reward the dead cop family immensely. the rest just pay em and kiss off the pensions and health benefits for life.

  2. Blumental had a trooper chauffeur to greenwich

    Blumenthal did not mind keeping troopers well paid in overtime hauling him to greenwich and back

  3. pulled up in OG

    Political payoff?

    “ . . . the 1998 staffing minimum . . . Passed after troopers arrived too late to prevent the Jan. 3, 1998, murder of Chaplin resident Heather Messenger, the statute has only been met three times — in 2001, 2007 and 2008. There are now 1,080 troopers on the force . . . “

    Some payoff – three hits in about fourteen years. And what’s the diference between CT here and congress dictating DoD force requirements? Or ToG and GPD?

  4. GPD Folk

    Only the Fire Dept has minimum staffing requirements in The Town of Greenwich. So just to change things up a bit…..let’s kick them around a while …no?

  5. pulled up in OG

    “The department [GPD] is currently operating below full capacity as a result of a series of recent retirements.”

    “The department’s ranks fell to 143 officers, 13 below the recommended number of 156, officials said.”

    “The department last reached a full complement of 156 officers on duty in 2002. It had 153 officers as recently as last June before a wave of retirements and several other departures dropped the number to 145 last August.

In the past year, three officer positions were phased out through attrition after police turned over dispatching of emergency calls to civilian employees, lowering the authorized number of officers to 153, Walters said.”

    May not be legislated, but there’s obviously a quota in place.

  6. GPD Folk

    The recommeded number is authorized under the Town’s pay plan. The Fire Dept has a minimum staffing requirement required by their contract.