Months ago I said Occupy Wall Street was dead – who was that reader who insisted it wasn’t?

Why CAN'T I have a seven-figure job? I WANT one, I DESERVE one!

OCW announced a Shut Down Corporate America for today and less than 100 of the jerks crawled out of their holes to attend. When you movement is outnumbered by the press, you’re dead. Unless, of course, you’re one of those  illiterate Muslim dudes holding a sign made for you by someone else and intended for an English-speaking audience. Then, even if you number ten and the press is swarming in the hundreds, you’re good to go – these guys are here to help you.

The press invented OCW and nurtured it during the fall, but OCW is old news now and as so many have learned to their heartbreak, old news is no news.


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17 responses to “Months ago I said Occupy Wall Street was dead – who was that reader who insisted it wasn’t?

  1. FlyAngler

    Chris – Occupy 2.0 will rise from hibernation in the months ahead and it will be uglier, more physical, more “flashmobish” and, I fear, more violent.

  2. AJ

    It’s winter CF, I think that once it gets warm you can almost count on masses of these unemployed malcontents to return just like the robins in spring. What else have they got to do? Maybe they can score some chicks; if not they can always fall back on their Marxist chants and hand signs thing.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s OWS not ocw

    Ironically , you probably have more in common w/ them than mitt Romney

  4. Balzac

    Our silly media is infatuated with OWS. Funny how they ignored the sizeable rally of the Tea Party in DC. See it for yourself:

  5. Anonymous

    I’m surprised you missed this, Chris.

    In search of relevancy and attention, OWS is now willing to hold a conversation with Vikram Pandit. Of course, it’s been 4+ months since he offered and they didn’t have time for him back when they were headed for the “big time”.

  6. AJ

    There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
    There was also a huge march in DC by members of the military recently that was completely ignored by the media as if it never happened, Balzac — subterfuge.

  7. Anonymous

    wrong Chris.

    there are plenty ( i would guess 50%, they dislike obama just as much as you) of OWS folks that support ron paul.

    see, to label everyone in the disenchanted OWS movement as wanting handouts etc etc, is just plain willfully ignorant on your part.

    there are plenty of morons in the OWS crowd too, just like everywhere. even greenwich.

  8. Anonymous

    today in congress:

  9. AJ

    Anon 9:25, The trouble is the media is hiding the Ron Paul people from us as well as the extent of the demonstrations. Last summer someone came over and I said that I’d been watching OWS on TV and it was just a few people, no big deal. Then he showed me some youtube clips with thousands of people in the streets, and all I could say is wow, they’re not showing that on TV. They show clips of whatever idiot Erin Burnett can find, or brain dead zombies chanting in some hypnotic trance. You can be sure those weren’t Ron Paul people. Nothing to look at here go back about your business. Just like the P. A. system in the twin towers on 9/11: nothing to be concerned about go back to your desks. And when people found out about it, their main concern was that people might not listen to those in authority from now on.

  10. dogcatcher

    These maggots will be back (with vengeance) once the warm weather appears. The banks got bailed out again (25 billion was a pittance) and no big shots have gone to jail. This time they will not just be defecating in the streets. They will be burning things just like our friends in Greece. Things are about to get ugly. Mr. Corzine may want to go into hiding. The rest of you all may want to stock up on supplies for your safe room.

  11. Van Jones and others are apparently training 100,000 ows’ers, or minions anyway to hit the streets and create drama this spring… sigh

  12. Krazy Kat

    Dogcatcher – Got ammo?

  13. Krazy Kat

    NSA, that would be Occupy 2.0, “professional” edition.

  14. dogcatcher

    Loaded for bear!

  15. They’re not dead. They’re just sleeping.

  16. AJ

    Good clip anon @ 10:04. Bernanke is an evasive a**hole. Ron Paul is the only hope to start to turn our country around. Curious the media does everything it can to destroy him, especially when he’s the only candidate who could, in reality, defeat Obama.