Still climbing

We can use this stuff to fill in the Byram pool

$1o.7 million for soil removal from the Performance Palace and going up. Remember when they sold us (well, some of us) on this project with an all-in price tag of $23 million? Half of that’s gone before ground’s been broken. Say goodbye to the Byram pool.


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5 responses to “Still climbing

  1. Anonymous

    Chris, you must have forgotten that the soil clean up costs are completely separate from the MISA budget and MISA is not over budget.

    -Tongue now removed from cheek

  2. Greenwich Gal

    The results of the town’s bassackwards government.

  3. How could MISA have gone forward through any of the “planning” steps without soil testing ?

  4. Georgie

    Because it was an Election Year as earlier noted. A former swamp land filled with junk isn’t tested???…..C’mon many knew the answer and didn’t want to ask the question. And, with our current “he-who-yells-the-loudest” form of capital expenditure prioritization—well, the PTA perfornace hall moms won out, despite all facts fleshed out.

    We should be so lucky if soil clean up is at a mere $11 million….but as Anonymous says….that’s the Town’s issue, not MISA.

    CF—the pool will keep going forward—there is always DEBT to keep the good times roll’n and the mill rate low.

  5. Georgie

    BTW….that was a funny picture CF