We’re tearing up the pea patch today!

A second sale has trickled onto the “sold” report, 172 Valley Road in Cos Cob, $700,000 on an original price of $1,496,500 in 2010. This 1916 model is surely destined for the dumpster but you can, it is claimed, carve two lots from its 0.66 acres, so a decent deal at $350,000 per lot. Rumor has it, by the way, one of the two heirs rejected a much higher offer a year ago – that happens a lot, especially when an out-of-state relative thinks he knows Greenwich real estate values.


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9 responses to “We’re tearing up the pea patch today!

  1. Cos Cobber

    I hope they keep the stone facade and the roof lines in the process of executing a great gut rehab…..but I am probably being wishful.

  2. peeps

    Sometimes heirs can reject an offer because secretly they’re not ready to go through the accumulated lifetime of stuff. I know people who priced a house way over what it was worth, thinking of someone bit, they would have all the crap professionally moved and stored while they went through things. Any offer not high enough to cover that emotional need was not going to be good. Then, after time passes, a low offer is easier to accept. That’s another thing that happens with heirs.

  3. Cobra

    I like the exterior…with serious interior renovation as Cos Cobber suggests, and better landscaping, this would be a funky abode.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m with CC, it’s such a charming house, any idea who bought it?

  5. anon

    Don’t get too excited, there’s a good Bloomberg article about the poor slobs suffering on Wall Street:


  6. anon at 3:15, that article is just too sad for words. The doggies need $17k per year in care expenses. Private day school in Brooklyn is $32k per year per child. What’s a master of universe to do? I think some sort of government “investment” is needed here.

  7. polly pavel


    i’m pretty sure the “master of the universe” that you derisively call them, will be just fine when they downshift to spending only $5k for the doggie. I’m not so sure the person used to getting $17k will feel quite as OK.

  8. Whoever bought this got the real estate deal of the year. The exterior stonework is GORGEOUS.