The day closes with a bang

20 Rocky Point

Old Greenwich waterfront on Rocky Point Road, accepted offer just a few months after coming on (and never dropping) at $14.550. Lots of people have lost their shirts in this depression but some have not. Great house, wonderful views.

Perhaps inspired by this sale, the owners of 10 Lighthouse Lane have brought their house back on, this time at $7.995. 1886 antique directly on the water, it wouldn’t sell at $3.350 in 1997, $5.700 in 2003, $9.950 in 2005. Fourth time the charm?


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11 responses to “The day closes with a bang

  1. Anonymous

    We saw this property. Loved it! I think it was priced at $14.5, however. Too rich for us…

  2. anon1

    I thought this was a very, very pretty house with great style. I sold my house on the water in one day a few years ago. It sold quickly because it was decorated in a modern style and in perfect condition. There is nothing like living on the water. It is heaven.

    If I could say three things to sellers of expensive homes, it is make sure your decor is modern, not old fashioned chippendale/mahogany/heavy drapes, research your competition on your own to price the house correctly and make sure the house has zero maintenance issues.

  3. Thurston Howell III

    @ Anon1,

    “make sure your decor is modern, not old fashioned chippendale/mahogany/heavy drapes,”

    Are you saying this because you think that any buyers in this price range are nouveau riche arrivistes and that they do not own or appreciate fine furnishings?

    ” He cried in a whisper at some image, at some vision—he cried out twice, a cry that was no more than a breath—”The horror! The horror!”

    — Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

  4. Real Estate Junkie

    Now that’s a house. When I win the lottery…….

  5. Inagua

    “We saw this property.”

    Why didn’t you see it through Chris? Don’t you see that it is rude to take up space here and not support our host? Why should Chris give you a platform to spout your opinions and get nothing in return? But perhaps you are not a serious buyer, and Chris is lucky not to have to chauffer you around.

  6. Just_looking

    Inagua +1

  7. anon1

    Thurston, I put my loved antiques in storage when I sold my home and went full monty modern. Buyers were under 40 and didn’t want their parent’s decor. Believe it or not, drapes, colors and furniture make a huge difference in selling a home. I had neighbors who sold years later, and one still trying, that learned the hard way.

  8. Thurston Howell III

    I can see your point anon1 and I am glad that you sold your digs. Not only do all the residents under 40 wear the exact same clothes ( i guess it has been that way in this neck of the woods forever) but the inside of their homes all look the same now too (like a Tory Burch advertisement). That is sad. I have never seen more clones in my life than exist in this modern generation and i have seen a few of them in my day. The men in the grey flannel suits (and the women that made their martinis and raised their children) together had a helluva lot more fun than anyone does these days. That is for sure!

  9. Oh, Thurston, you make my heart go pitter-pat. I thought only Walt could do that! 😉