Whoa, wait a minute, how could this be?

Will work for lower taxes

States with lowest taxes create more jobs.

A separate analysis by IBD found that states imposing the lowest tax rates on both new and existing businesses produced more jobs during the economic recovery than those states with the highest tax burdens.

This flies in the face of every Democrat (and OWS) prescription for job growth they have ever advocated. I wonder whether these findings could apply to countries too? Nah.


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5 responses to “Whoa, wait a minute, how could this be?

  1. AJ

    States with lowest taxes create more jobs? Duh.

  2. Cos Cobber

    this is the kind of story where FF chimes in that those are lousy jobs that nobody wants and then reminds us that to be poor in that state really sucks because of the lack of a cushy/spongy limitless safety net. he’ll also be temptd to remind us that corporations are greedy in that state.

  3. Highest tax States also have highest minimum wage.
    It is all about revenue not basic employment.

  4. Georgie

    That’s good CC’er….really good.

    We should be thankful we aren’t in France where the Socialist party threw out a 75% tax on the “wealthy.”

  5. Anonymous

    @CC, hear hear.