Absolutely disgusting and why we should exit Afghanistan right now



Soldiers said to face punishment for Koran burning. Officers will have their careers terminated over the destruction of terrorist’s code books? It’s what the grand mullahs demand but since when did America knuckle under to filthy killers? Since Barak Hussein Obummer took office.

Our leadership has lost the will to fight in this benighted country and we shouldn’t be there now that it has. All were doing is harming the careers of good men and women and getting young kids crippled for an abandoned cause. Time to go home.


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7 responses to “Absolutely disgusting and why we should exit Afghanistan right now

  1. john


    Couldn’t agree more. It’s probably the reason why poor Richard Holbrook’s heart exploded in Hillary’s office last year. Sad situation.
    I blame all of them.



  2. Anonymous

    “the pre-eminent body of Afghan religious leaders, the Ulema Council, which conducted its own inquiry, demanded that the United States immediately hand over prison operations to the Afghan government…”

    I couldn’t agree more with the “Ulema Council”, but with this addition: immediately hand over not only prison operations to the Afghan government, but ALL operations to the Afghan government. Pull every last American out of that godforsaken country, and let the GI-killers stew in their own hellish juices.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Afghanistan: A colossal mistake driven by the M.I.C. and political megalomaniacs. There’s a reason it’s known as the graveyard of empires.

  4. Dollar Bill

    They should call you “cut and run” Fountain. Your party says we should stay until we “win”, but you are already waving the white flag. What would your hero Ted Nugent say? I thought you Republicans were the party of strength, and preserving national security. guess not anymore.

  5. AJ

    How long does it take to win a war against a Stone Age nation? The Afghan war began Oct. 7, 2001, and has been a source of never ending good times for the military industrial complex. So for anyone with half a brain, it should be obvious that there was never any intention to win, just that the war should go on forever. Then there’s the drugs: guess who grows the opium? Now the US can both profit from the selling of drugs and lock the users in private run prisons that contract out slave labor manufacturing to compete with $2 a day Chinese labor. A win win for America.
    “Was Pat Tillman assassinated to prevent him from coming home to expose the fact that our troops have been ordered to guard, and even help produce and store the opium of Afghan warlords?” http://u2r2h-documents.blogspot.com/2010/06/three-snipers-executed-pat-tillman.html

    Read more: http://u2r2h-documents.blogspot.com/2010/06/three-snipers-executed-pat-tillman.html#ixzz1o44MxxkF

  6. Chief Scrotum

    Promise them casinos and all will be well again

  7. Young Mick

    AS long as we continue to grease this war machine,this will continue, creating billionaires, using our your men and women as cannon fodder.

    When I heard several years ago that there were pallets loaded with US DOLLARS being shipped to places like Dubai by those in power, I knew it was a lost cause.

    Next stop IRAN.